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New BBC Ancient Rome Cartoon Show Features African Blacks As Brits/Romans

Rome spread troops from all parts of the empire to other parts to stop uprisings from armed populations.  Northern Africa was not black back then, it was mostly Mediterranean populations and this includes Egypt, long ruled by Mediterranean Greeks for many generations.  True, there were a few black populations but it was very small back then with nearly zero in England.  To keep recent immigrants happy, the BBC has decided to give fake history to children so recent arrivals could feel at home so they changed history a great deal.  Just 10 years earlier, the typical BBC Ancient Britain cartoons didn’t show black people all over the place.

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Bilderberg New York Times Push Hard ‘Putin/Trump’ Lies, Will Overthrow Election

The New York Times is a major, major original Bilderberg gang operation, it is their Voice for 70 years.  The ‘leaks’ to the ‘reporters’ are actually tools of the mega-international conspiracy delivering propaganda to the masses.  They have been pushing the ‘Trump won the election because of RUSSIAN SPIES’ story like mad while ignoring, of course, the DNC/Hillary/Obama war crimes.  This is the fourth attempt at undoing an election, the ‘CIA-coup’ part.  Many governments elected by voters in other countries over the years have been overturned by CIA/military/banker coups.

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Rotting Empire: US Election Between War Criminal And Tax Cheat

Zootopia Movie Clip “Tax Evasion” – Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman (Zootropolis) – YouTube

Did Trump break laws via his tax evasions?  The Democratic Operatives chose this issue to fight him.  Knowing full well, they are ALL tax cheats and all do this legally and they are able to do this legally because Congress and Presidents Bush Sr, Bush Jr, Bill Clinton and Obama all passed thanks to a corrupt Congress, laws enriching the rich and crushing the middle class that got uncontrolled illegal immigration and global ‘free trade’ which has made America very deep in debt with no end in sight except national bankruptcy.


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Very Rich In Manhattan Dress In Expensive Raggedy ‘Cheap’ Expensive Clothes As Disguises


Jennifer Aniston in New York amidst Brad Pitt’s divorce with Angelina Jolie | Daily Mail Online reports and I am mentioning this stupid story about really stupid Hollywood idiots who are all screaming at us about global warming from their private jets and yachts and palaces and who hate Trump…because it is hilarious.


Look at how this elite star dresses!  She spent lots of money for fake ‘worn’ jeans.  How do you wear holes above the knees and on the side of the leg?  Did wild horses drag her over sharp rocks?  HAHAHA.

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Great Empires See Populations Annihilated By Barbarians Who KILL Everyone

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 6.28.23 AM

All great civilizations are slowly built up, become vast empires and then collapse and often, this leads to periods we call ‘Dark Ages’ as barbarians and illiterate people take over and annihilate the people who created the previous, now dead, civilizations.  For example, the great Minoan/Mycenean civilizations not only vanished, invaders came in and annihilated the people and replaced them with new people who took 600 years to create new empires like ancient Greece.  Rome was the behemoth for a while and then not only collapsed but the people who colonized England, France, the Low Lands and a small part of Germany  were put to the sword and killed and replaced with aliens speaking a totally different language than Latin.  This changeover was extremely violent and so thorough in England, no Romanized people remained in more than half of the country.   NONE.  They were all killed or fled to Rome.

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Venice 89% Online Vote For Autonomy Like Crimea, Scotland and Kosovo

Barcarolle (Offenbach) P Jaroussky et N Dessay – YouTube

The push for autonomy grows and spreads.  The US and EU encouraged this so long as former Soviet States were falling apart at the seams.  The EU and US did this to Yugoslavia.  They want to do this to China, too.  But within the EU and US are powerful forces acting on the federations to cut ties and have more autonomy.  For example, the Commonwealth (um, note the ‘wealth’ part!) is falling apart slowly.  The US and EU rage at Russia allowing an autonomy vote unlike say, Yugoslavia where the ‘voting’ was with guns and bombs, is interesting since many people in say, Catalonia or half of Belgium, want to do the same, too.


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Bitcoin Collectors Bid Up Value Very High Thanks To Fraud Hearings In Congress

One of the more fun money fads ever has been the Bitcoin business.  Like any collectable, its value rises and drops based on popular demand.  Anything on earth from sea shells to clay tablets, pieces of paper, animal skins, metals can be ‘money’ because money is a concept not a thing.  So if people imagine that computer programs are ‘money’ they can be money in actuality.  But what these sorts of money buy is another issue altogether.  And Bitcoins mainly buy illicit things when the buyers and sellers want secrecy and thus, is part of the nebulous underworld. Continue reading


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