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Vietnam All Over Again: US Retreats From Illegal Wars Turn To Routs

June 13  2014 headlines


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Pope And Money, Fed And Money, Wall Street And Money, Bitcoins, And Other Money News This Xmas Season

Fed Reveals New Concerns About Long-Term U.S. Slowdown – Bloomberg news:  this story shows how deliberate stupidity runs things in the US.  We just witnessed a witless howl fest over the Chinese comment about ‘American Exceptionalism’ noting that the US is in decline.  The US decline is obvious and easily seen.  The Federal Reserve has many graphs detailing our collapse and yet the heads of this operation can’t understand why things are going bad even as programs they promote or admire are the direct causes of this collapse!

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Putin More Popular Than Obama And Cameron And Netanyahu Is Coming To WH To Yell At Obama

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Americans doubt Obama’s effectiveness on Syria: note how Putin scores high and Assad scores higher than the British PM, Cameron.  The French guy who inserted himself is lower than all players in this game.  The awareness that the US and NATO are arming al Qaeda has slowly grown despite US media owners trying desperately to drive us into another war.  The funniest of all is how the GOP is slamming on the brakes and will cease funding our government.  To cover their AIPAC assets, they still will fund wars, just nothing for US citizens at home.

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