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Democratic Women And Universities Are Systematically Destroying Rule of Law, Civil Rights

The double standards of the feminist left is finally going to the moon, to Mars, and out of the solar system.  I remember when the movement started, I was a big part of it, I was the first girl in high school to sue for my civil rights when the act was passed. Today, females want a double standard.  After years of demanding that men show emotion, cry, be more ‘female’…they gang up on and attack, mock and howl with rage at a man who cried in public!  They are now saying, he is TOO EMOTIONAL to be on the Supreme Court.  And they win their own case for this by…screaming and throwing very emotional fits, themselves!  This is insane.  This pisses me off no end.  It is cruel, confusing and a sign that females now think they are privileged and can do as they please while the rest of humanity have to walk on eggshells around them lest they become emotional or violent.

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