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Gold Bear Market Baffles Believers Who Think Favorite Commodity Should Always Go Up and Up

Both gold and the entirely fake bitcoins have seen big drops this week.  The gold bear market worsens:  BREAKING NEWS: Gold Prices Hammered Below Key $1500 Psychological Level– What’s Happening? as gold falls $86 in just one day.  When gold goes up in terms of currencies, gold hoarders rejoice.  When, like all markets, it suddenly falls, these same people go insane with fury because in their minds, gold should go in only one direction: up.  This is true of speculators of all kinds.  Stock buyers suffer the same irrational delusion.

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India, Not US Or EU Bank Conspiracies, Is Causing Gold To Fall In Value

The Assault on Gold » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names Paul Craig Roberts shows us how far off a cliff even someone as bright as Roberts can fall once they go for the ‘continuous deliberate conspiracy’ belief systems.  That is, gold speculators in the US complain nonstop about the meanies at the Fed fiddling with gold prices…but only when it is falling! Continue reading


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