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Sweden Drops All ‘Rape’ Charges Against Assange, US Blows Up In Rage

Swedish prosecutors drop case on Julian Assange – YouTube


Assange’s crime is the release of ‘state secrets’ of NATO war crimes and attempts at turning the EU and US into the Soviet Union.  That is, an all powerful spy state that pries into everyone’s private affairs including outrageous spying on Presidents so they can be blackmailed, etc.  The illegal overthrow of foreign governments was the subject of more than one leak via Wikileaks revealing international crimes by the Dark State operators.  They want to operate in the dark, damn it!

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Netanyahu, Our Real President, Is At The White House Giving Obama, The Doorman, Marching Orders

Why aren’t the Palestinian people besieging the Knesset, setting up a tent city in the heart of Jerusalem and throwing molotov cocktails at the IDF?  The answer is simple: if any dare even do the smallest demonstration, they will be mercilessly beaten and if they fight back, slaughtered.  With US approval and protection in the UN.  And no European nation would say a peep.  Worse, in the US, if you even have peaceful demonstrations anywhere near the White House or Congress, unless you are a far right wing organization working on getting more power for corporations or AIPAC, you are treated this way: Police arrest dozens of Keystone XL protesters at White House.

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Bilderberg Washington Post Does Silly Agitprop Story About Putin Approving Of NSA Spying

Yes, the Zionists have twisted Obama’s arm and gotten him to falsely charge Syria with using yet another fake WMD thing so we can do more war crimes against Muslims. We can’t stop this, AIPAC owns Congress and has reins firmly in hand and our media owners are all co-conspirators and here is today’s example of Zionist Agitprop where they totally make up stuff in order to control what people think and feel about something.  Trust of the readers is required and the Mainstream Media has been losing trust steadily but not fast enough.  So, we are going to examine what Russia TV has to say compared to the Washington Post which is run by a Bilderberg conspirator. Continue reading


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NSA Spied Heavily On German Citizens: Latest Scandal Via Russia TV News

US spying on German citizens

Breaking news: Germany most-spied-on EU country by US – leaked NSA report — RT News


The color-coded map of secret surveillance activities by the NSA ranks countries according to how much surveillance they are currently undergoing – green for the least and red for the most watched.

While all EU member states boast variant shades of green, Germany stands out, color-coded orange.

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CPAC Ends Hypocritical Convention

Unlike the extremely secretive AIPAC gathering last week in DC, there has been tons of coverage of the CPAC meeting.  It is interesting watching the GOP right wing figure out how to win elections.  Obviously, attacking women, gays and minorities seems to still be their game plan.  Governor Walker: Republicans Should Focus on Shared Beliefs  which is what?  Can’t be balancing the budget, they never do this when in power.  Can’t be civil rights, they want Israeli-style religious bigot privileges.  So what are they thinking?


The internet made fun of the CPAC people when a black man, paid great sums to toady to mainly whites, led a discussion about the Civil War and abolitionist.  This poor man stood idly at the podium as a cheeky right wing youth claimed that slavery was feeding and housing people ‘for free’.  Now with this blasting across the internet, the leaders of that organization is striking back:  Tea Party blames unruly CPAC racism panel on African-American woman reporter. Continue reading


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