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Congress Is Forcing FBI and Department of Justice To Hand Over All Spy Info On Trump

HUGE!… Judge Jeanine: Former AG Loretta Lynch Had to Approve the FBI Informant Spying on the Trump Campaign (VIDEO)


The tangled mess created by Obama and his buddies during the last election is unraveling rapidly now that the FBI and Department of Justice both had to release raw information to select Congressional committees investigating the election and ‘Russian collusion’ messes.  Yes, there was Russian collusion…by the Democrats and Obama!  Not by Trump.  This is front page news in conservative media and totally ignored or openly lied about in fake mainstream Bilderberg news systems.

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No News In The US: Saudi Royals Will Torture, Crucify And Then Behead Two Students Who Protested

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ExecutedToday.com » Saudi Arabia in 2014.

This is huge news in England.  No news in the US.  Americans are usually kept in near total darkness when it comes to these sort of crimes by our ‘allies’.  A childish story of good and evil is painted for US citizens because our rulers need to hide the truth from us.  I have known for many years, exactly how bad the Saudi Royals can be.  Once, one of them actually lived with us in Arizona, long ago when I was a teenager.  They have grown up to be monsters:  Mother of Saudi man sentenced to crucifixion begs Obama to intervene | World news | The Guardian


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Iraq Falling Into Hands Of Very Violent Al Qaeda Gang

The US invasion of Iraq was totally illegal and a war crime.  The US demanded the UN disarm Saddam, he then voluntarily disarmed, we then instantly invaded after the UN confirmed this fact.  Now, Iraq is a complete disaster and al Qaeda is rapidly taking over.  The entire excuse for the invasion was to stop al Qaeda, a CIA operation in the first place.


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Crazy Warmonger Gates Attacks Obama For Trying To Escape Afghanistan Trap


Former Pentagon leader Gates has published this whiny, imperial rot book whereby he complains that Obama isn’t enough of a crazed warmonger like previous Bilderberg/AIPAC rulers.  He, himself, boasts about going into Afghanistan briefly under impressive armed protection to tell the Americans stuck there that he ‘loved’ them and he frets why Obama couldn’t go there and spread some man on man love, too.  This, from a homophobic military man strikes me as rather funny since he obviously can’t see how insane he really is.  Do you send men you adore to a death trap to die for no reason?  Only if you have very strange seething sexual bizarre impulses.

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Al Qaeda Shoots At UN Syria Weapons Inspectors, US Still ‘Confident’ Assad Guilty With Zero Proof

Here is a headline no US media has used today:  Assad says chemical weapons claims ‘insult to common sense’ ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion:


He said the frontline in the area where the incident took place was not clear and the Syrian regime would have risked killing its own army forces if it used chemical weapons.  “This contradicts elementary logic,” Assad said. “Such accusations are completely political and the reason for them is a number of victories by the government forces against the terrorists,” he added

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