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Sakurajima Volcanic Ash Veils The Sun Enough To Drop Temperatures

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Absolutely nothing irritates me more than how ‘meteorologists’ ignore incoming volcanic dust information when predicting the future.  We know that Sakurajima volcano in Japan had a major burp.  This sent volcanic ash into the higher jet streams.  This is not an eruption on the scale of previous major events that stopped air traffic to Europe, for example.  It isn’t as big as the  Mount Pinatubo Eruption in 1991.  But it is significant enough to change the weather due to a fine scrim of dust interfering with solar energy input systems. Continue reading


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Japan Volcano Sakurajima Has Bigger Explosive Events

Sakurajima eruption 2013

Sakurajima spews its highest volcanic column ever at 5,000 meters – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun raining volcanic ash on nearby port towns, this very active volcano in Japan’s Kyushu island’s southern edge has suddenly become much more explosive  yesterday.  The above two photos show how violent the recent eruption compares to a smaller eruption captured by Google’s traveling camera car.   Continue reading


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Japan’s LDP Is Going To Sieze 400 More Islands While Fukushima Erupts Steam

Time to turn back to Japan, a country that has been a huge part of the world economy’s destructive forces which hammer Japan’s population very hard and has driven them to despair.  The LDP is sailing to victory on very poorly attended elections because the majority of Japanese have basically given up all hope.  The anti-nuclear power demonstrations are losing ground while Fukushima continues, like a restless volcano, Sakurajima volcano (Japan) awakes with a series of powerful yet again last month.

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