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Tangled Web Of Moralism And Political Backstabbing Surrounding Saudi Murder Of Washington Post bin Laden Buddy Reporter

Why is Turkey fighting Saudi Arabia?  This is most interesting.  The US always covers up Saudi crimes due to the oil and heavy financial involvement issues.  So does the EU, too.  Turkey, on the other hand, defies NATO, defies the EU and defies the US and is a huge rival for power inside the Sunni world.  Of course, the Bilderberg gang which tries desperately to run the EU and US, is oddly siding with Erdogan who they tried to remove via a military coup last year.  Since then, Turkey has grown much closer to Putin.  Putin tried diplomacy with Trump only for the US mainstream media, the GOP leaders and the entire DNC machine, thwarted Trump’s attempts at detente and now Putin warns about WWIII.  Power politics are rarely discussed by mainstream media for obvious reasons: they don’t want the populations know what the hell is going on.

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Obama Will Continue Attacking Syria BUT Saudi Defense Minister Meets With Putin, Makes Deal

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There never were any ‘moderate rebels’.  In revolts, ‘moderates’ vanish quickly.  This fiction was used as an excuse to hide the reality which was, Israel wanted to eliminate all socialist Muslim leaders.  This stupid statement by Obama was made while he was clueless about serious diplomacy going on at furious levels…with PUTIN…undermining the entire US/NATO/Israel enterprise in Syria.

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