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Saudi Prince Coup Will Fail, He Only Wants Loot, Not Killing Rival Family Members

A Godfather’s Story Part 1 of 2  this is a movie about my old neighbor, Joe Bonnano who tried to hide out at a ranch next to our ranch in Tucson, I knew him.(Swedish Subs) – YouTube


Saudi Arabia swapping assets for freedom of some held in graft purge | Daily Mail Online

The Salman Saudi coup is about to collapse.  The young ‘prince’ doesn’t know this, he thinks he twisted arms and made bold moves and now he can let his relatives,  his half brothers and uncles go free after they hand over all the loot the kid wants so he can do to war, I am guessing.  Well, this lad has zero understanding of history.  History is written by this utter bitch, a goddess who writes dipping her pen in blood.  I see the other princes killing the upstart, Mohammed bin Salman.  He is doomed.  He should learn from Mafia wars.

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Kerry Goes To Kiev To Start WWIII

Miz Liberty assassinates bin Laden

An old cartoon of mine.

For some hideous reason, the Bilderberg gang has decided to decapitate Putin and if this means launching WWIII, they will do this.  After years of NATO aggression expanding this military alliance closer and closer to Moscow, we now have a very definite line in the sand in the center of Ukraine which the US has decided decisively to cross after the appropriate propaganda which started with the winter Olympics.  So, Kerry travels to Ukraine as US weighs sending arms to the coup in Kiev while Russia warns US against supplying ‘lethal defensive aid’ to Ukraine.


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ISIS Frightens Saudi Sponsors, Israel In Flames As Ethnic Warfare Flares Up While US Supports Attacks In Ukraine

Fairy tales and ancient myths have many stories explaining why you have to beware of ‘letting the genie out of the lamp’ lest it kill you.  Wishing to destroy someone by unleashing wild monsters always ends badly for the ones calling on the demonic for help.  Yet the US government thinks this is a great way to do diplomacy so we limp from terror attack to wars to uprisings to dictatorships to more wars and terror attacks.  The response to 9/11 wasn’t close examination of the facts and a change in foreign diplomacy, instead it led to wild, irresponsible global attacks by the US, Israel, NATO and the Saudi Royals all of whom helped the 9/11 attackers in the first place.

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Crazy Warmonger Gates Attacks Obama For Trying To Escape Afghanistan Trap


Former Pentagon leader Gates has published this whiny, imperial rot book whereby he complains that Obama isn’t enough of a crazed warmonger like previous Bilderberg/AIPAC rulers.  He, himself, boasts about going into Afghanistan briefly under impressive armed protection to tell the Americans stuck there that he ‘loved’ them and he frets why Obama couldn’t go there and spread some man on man love, too.  This, from a homophobic military man strikes me as rather funny since he obviously can’t see how insane he really is.  Do you send men you adore to a death trap to die for no reason?  Only if you have very strange seething sexual bizarre impulses.

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Washington Post Zionists Fret About US Losing Power, CIA Frets About Levinson Spy On Iran Story


While utterly ignoring the economic collapse of the US as a powerful empire, an economic collapse caused by endless warmongering coupled with enriching bankers and other elites with the floating fiat currency/free trade regime, our yappers in DC are busy howling about how US power is declining.  Well…DUH!  Alas, they think this is due to a lack of more warmongering, more free trade and more money printing by the Bank of Israel gang who are taking over the Federal Reserve.

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US, Japan And Israeli Territorial Aggression Knows No Shame, Deludes US Public

Israel Bulldozes Palestinian Land for Settlements as the fascist war of occupation continues its bloody path in the Holy Land and the US is not only not angry about this, we fund this!  Meanwhile, the EU Could Collapse Palestinian Authority to Pressure Israel because the PA is a puppet organization imposed on the Palestinians, designed to be helpless in the face of Jewish aggression. In my state of NY, our fake liberal Senator, Schumer, appeared before a Zionist fund raising group to chortle about how the disarmed and helpless natives of Palestine are our ‘enemies’ and are kept weak and poor, hahaha.

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Is Lack Of Sun On Skin Causing MERS In Saudi Arabia?


The invention of air conditioning has actually made health problems worse for the general population.  I grew up in the hottest of hot deserts and we had a ‘swamp box’ for cooling and when my parents got an air conditioner for the whole house, I noticed several things.  One was, the air was much drier and my nose felt it right away.  Also, once one was accustomed to it, going out into the heat was much harder on the body and lastly, air conditioners keep people indoors a great deal and fools the body into thinking it is almost winter so the urge to eat fatty, high calorie foods is overwhelming.

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