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AIPAC Demands More Sanctions On Iran And Double Military Money For Israel

Our diplomatic and banking systems have been nearly totally destroyed by AIPAC billionaires who are Jewish.  They have this death grip on Congress, the Presidency and above all, our media systems.  This is all exploited on behalf of Zionist dreams of being this Evil Octopus that controls the entire planet earth on behalf of lunatic dreams about eliminating all Muslims, Christians and others from the misnamed ‘Holy Land’.


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Blowing Up DC: Budget Battle Rages While Bankers Call For Retirement Cuts For Workers So They Can Be Richer


Pentagon duped the nation for years with phony repatriation ceremonies where fallen soldiers were walked off planes that can’t even fly after sitting in a lab for months: The return of the remains of soldiers from past wars was faked for photo ops.  Under Bush and Cheney, all returning dead from their several wars against Muslims were returned to the US in secret.  It was illegal to photograph these corpses being returned.  They were not mentioned in the news, either.  No death counts for several years.  During the hiatus, the US media didn’t say nary a peep.

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Assad’s 11 Year Old Son Dares Kerry And Obama To ‘Make My Day’

The war against the Alawite (Shi’ite) Hashemite leader of Syria has nearly zero support in the voters trapped inside of the NATO war machine.   Tribalism and the Syrian Crisis – Al-Monitor talks about the petty tribal differences that the Israelis wish to exploit and the Saudis fear and want to control.  Like the Balkans before WWI, petty revolts are exploited by the Great Powers to cause a world war which is a fight over control of trade, control of natural resources and control of populations.  The Great Empires split up all other rivals into tiny tribal units while expanding executive control of entire continents as we see in Africa.

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Israel And Japan Exploit US As Giant Milk Cow

Israelis demand more social spending

Al Jazeera:  Demonstrations in Israel demanding more social services and less taxes.  This demonstration didn’t make the news in the US media despite most media owners being very interested in this tribal state they love.  This is due to, I suspect, rising fears that if the US public sees these Jewish demands for more money at home, this will translate into billions being voted by Congress for Israel.  The sequestration costs are now biting harder and harder at the US and we are told repeatedly, there is no more money for Americans.  Simultaneously, Jewish editorialists are fanning across the landscape, demanding the US invade Syria now. Continue reading


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