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Trump Trade Wars Expands To India, WWIII Attempts Fail In Middle East, Trump Kissing Lawsuit Thrown From Court

India decides to go the Chinese way and slap tariffs on imports from America.  The above stories are from Russian news.  They really cover the news unlike US and EU mainstream media run by the Bilderberg gang.  The screams for war from the usual war criminals has fallen quiet now thanks to everyone else not yelling for WWIII.  What a relief.  Now, they are back to yelling about patriotism and how evil that is.

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Meet Fusion GPS, Now at the Center of the Fake Russia/Trump Sex Scandal


Here is the ‘business’ at the center of today’s story: the entire webpage is this picture, above.  Nothing else!


A TOTAL CIA front operation!  HAHAHAHA.  Feel free to email them and ask them about their ‘business’.  Fusion GPS is the ‘opposition research firm’ that was hired to dig up dirt on Donald Trump in 2015 – which was published this week and quickly discredited
It sub-contracted Orbis Business Intelligence, run by ex-British spies Christopher Steele and Christopher Burrows

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Davos Meeting Crawls Onwards While Yemen Rebel Victory Ends US Assassin Drones

▶ Jon Stewart Slams ‘Financial Journalists’ for Fawning Davos Coverage – YouTube

Click here to see the super rich jokester ripping fellow rich dudes: Jon Stewart slams outrageous hypocrisy of the Davos World Economic Forum – Salon.com,  He recently sold his multimillion dollar home in NYC.


But back in the Real World, the US/Muslim wars, the U.S.has been forced to suspend counterterror operations with Yemen after the Shi’ite fighters surrounded the Palace and the government resigned.  The Saudi/US effort to kill Shi’ites is now a failure.  The assassin drone program is a joke.  It doesn’t work.  At all.  Anywhere on earth.  It is cowardly, more cowardly than say, the assassins in Paris who attacked Charlie.

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The Pope Goes To Hell In A Hankie: Male Secret Sex And Uppity Nuns Destroy Catholic Church

As the Pontiff hikes up his gold embroidered lace lined silk skirts and scuttles off to a nunnery seized by the priesthood to hide, the various ugly scandals and sex messes come broiling out of the Vatican thanks mainly to the butler who did this great deed, lifting the cover of lies, crimes, wild living in the Vatican.  And does this surprise me?  Why, the entire history of all religions is all about controlling sex and money while living like Nero fiddling while Rome burns!  And the fires eating the Vatican are vast indeed, fueled by deadwood 2,000 years old, never cleaned up.  It will rage until the Church dies. Continue reading


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