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Black Democratic Leaders Demand Whites Disarm And Whites Should Not Be Allowed To Defend Themselves From Armed Black Killers

Obama on WDBJ Shooting: Gun Violence ‘Dwarfs’ Terrorism Deaths: yes, our President actually said that.  The entire fraud of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is clear.  They want to talk only about whites killing blacks not blacks killing everyone and anyone in huge numbers outstripping all other killings.Why does Barack Obama only care about white gun crime? – asks the Telegraph which is overseas.  In the US, we are not to question this. Study: Murder victims disproportionately black – US news – Life – Race & ethnicity:


Most of the black murder victims — 93 percent — were killed by other black people, the study found. About 85 percent of white victims were slain by other white people.


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Black Students Continue To Fail In NYC Schools But Story Is Illustrated By White Dunce Boy

Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 7.31.44 AM


Here is the stock photo chosen by the editors of the New York Daily News to illustrate a story about the futility of trying to teach black and Hispanic students in the NYC schools.  Note how a white boy is used, making fun of this minority (white boys are not the majority in NYC) even though white males are doing very well and indeed, excel in most schools they attend.  This is extremely racist and a lie but typical of our media owners who play this race game against white males to the hilt even though virtually all media owners are…white males!

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