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Secret Alliance Of Saudi Royals And Israel Jews Leaked To Al Jazeera

From my past cartoons.


Last June, Israel calls for Saudi Arabia ties and state visits which came as a shock to outsiders.  Now we have proof that this happened as someone has leaked the secret cables. Israel instructs diplomats to support Saudis: Cable | Saudi Arabia News | Al Jazeera reports today.  I have some small insight into how the Saudis operate due to my parents involvement in that country on behalf of President Nixon years ago.  This revelation is very big and very serious.

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Pope Francis Condemns ‘Deviant Forms Of Religion’ From Palace Balcony

Religious Muslim Immans discussing the Crusades and Jerusalem.

The Crusades – Pilgrimage or Holy War?: Crash Course World History #15 – YouTube

History never stays put in the past.  It is like a great tree with roots deep in the soil, a huge trunk, many branches and lots of leaves.  We ignore the past at our peril.  Cause and effect are also part of History and everyone likes to justify themselves by selecting various ‘start’ points in the past to make their crimes look natural and reasonable.  The fact is, humans are extremely violent animals who are also very clever.  Other animals kill or injure each other in fierce battles over sex, food and territory.  Humans are no different.  Right now, we are in a massive religious war with 1.5 billion Muslims that won’t end well due to the fact, this is a gigantic number of people to fight in a war.


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British And US Somalis Are Kenya Mall Terrorists

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Kenya shopping mall attack: Up to 10 hostages still remain inside complex as terror siege enters THIRD day as the mall now is on fire.  The US pushed very hard for higher military activity especially the assassination drone warfare in Africa.  The attack on Libya was the opening shot.  The military suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood which won the election in Egypt is the other move.  This insane business is fueled by Saudi fundamentalists.  They want a very radical form of Islamism and the US has consistently protected these rich Saudis while they fund terrorism across the planet.

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