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Kerry Issues Ultimatum To Russia Before Any Negotiations: WWIII Is Possible

In classic form, Kerry Issues Ultimatum: Russia Has Until Monday to Abandon Crimea — News from Antiwar.com: either we will have a very stupid WWIII or the US will look stupid after giving up.  The morality of all this is obvious: the double standard under which the US operates has come full circle.  Our utterly illegal invasion of Iraq after forcing Saddam to disarm was never prosecuted.


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Japan Will Make F-35 Jets, Not Buy From US

China's J-15 fighter jet

Photos of China’s carrier fighter J-15 – Xinhua | English.news.cn

The US has the world’s most expensive military procurement process.  It costs trillions of dollars per decade.  One major trillion dollar bonanza for the corporations is the F-35.  This gold-plated monstrosity is a top-level airplane.  And would bankrupt any country at war if it is damaged or shot down.  The US can’t replace these expensive machines without going bankrupt. Ergo: they are useless.  They work only if they are used against barely armed peasants in some third world country.  In wars that are not cost-effective. Continue reading


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