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US Is #19 In World Ship Building, Not To Mention Rest Of Trade Deficit!

Ship Building In WW2 : Birth Of Victory – 1940’s American Shipyards Educational Documentar – YouTube

Hillary and the Bilderberg gang, after wrecking the few ‘liberal’ (aka, dictators who gave women basic human rights in Muslim countries unlike Saudi Arabia!) Muslim dictatorships, have sent  millions and millions of Muslims into Europe and this tsunami wants to come to the US and our two candidates have opposite positions on this issue, Hillary wants millions to come here and Trump wants to vet them and prevent terrorists.  Meanwhile, China tells our rulers, ‘You want WWIII you will get WWIII’.

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China Rises Past US Due To Trade Surplus/Growth: English Queen Goes Broke, Dying Empire In Debt

Once upon a time, the German House of Hanover ruled the Seven Seas via ownership of the British Isles.  The British had the biggest navy and the greatest manufacturing base.  By WWI, Britain was dethroned and Germany was destroyed so the US took up the mantle of World Shipping/Manufacturing Power.  WWII made the US even stronger.  We built ships and made goods at a mad rate.  Since then, it is been all downhill for the US with the Cold War leading the desperate US powers struggling to stay #1 via reviving Germany and Japan both of which became top world manufacturing and trade powers.

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Death Of US, UK Merchant Marines Means China Is Now #1 World Trade Power On High Seas

I have always been very concerned about the decline and fall of Great Empires and know this is intimately tied to trade.  The UK used to rule the world and look at today:  Poll says Labour still on course for 2015 victory – but UKIP is now Britain’s ‘favourite’ political party: this astonishing rise of a nativist movement is due to the flood of aliens via the new EU rules.  David Cameron has LOST a third of Conservative voters since the last election, shock poll reveals shows that the far right is peeling away from the middle right just like in the US.  The news this week that China is the world’s #1 trade power has slugged the sluggards who created the New World Order in the snout.  They still assure everyone that the UK and US are the world’s #1 banking power but this is due mainly to madly buying up the debts of these two world trade loser nations at a frantic pace to keep the banks solvent.

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