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Ferguson Blows Up Again And ‘Hands Up/Don’t Shoot’ Thugs Shoot Police In Some Cities

Like an dog worrying a bone, poor dying Ferguson continues to try desperately to stop the gnawing on the bone but nothing works.  The anti-police demonstrators will continue to destroy that town until nothing is left and it looks like Detroit.  So more demonstrations led to more attempts at killing the police.  The entire stupid line, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ is living up to its premise that the people who are supposed to surrender are the police.  The police chief in Ferguson stepped down and the shootings erupted.

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Gang Warfare Rages Around Elementary Schools In Chicago While Kiddies Shake Their Booties To Rap Songs

‘I’m So Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea

This video is by a white hip hop wannabe gangsta chick young lady who is paid to shake her tush and sneer about being civilized and sane.  Note the classroom in this Hollywood video made for kiddies shows angry, defiant, bored students who don’t want to learn even though the ‘teacher’ is a pole dancer at night and is sexually suggestive in school.  This video is interesting because a woman reporter who works for the Washington Post had this shocking story about her neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago  which mentions little girls in school singing, shaking and aping this very same video…in a school that is closing due to being a total failure.

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Black Street Thugs Shoot Family Of 5 ‘White Hispanics’ In NYC Day Of Trayvon Demonstrations

Huffington Post exaggerates race issues

Since the debate about crime in our cities continues raging onwards, as a New Yorker, I have to publish this story even if it irritates people because they don’t want to think about this anymore.  Alas, we must.  Yesterday, the liberal parts of our media made a big thing about the black protests who were trying to put a man found not guilty in prison on some spurious charges.  Using the ‘racism’ tool in a case like this is noxious in the extreme because it violates the civil rights of a ‘white Hispanic’ as the news is very fond of calling Mr. Zimmerman.  While the demonstrators were trying to act as if Trayvon is a civil rights icon, an attempt at mass murder happened in Brooklyn when a gang of black teens, angry about having the cops called on them when they attacked a ‘white Hispanic’ young woman at work, shot the family.

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