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Bloomberg Marvels: How Does Norway Keep Inflation 2.4%?

Goldman Sachs Loses Money So Gold Prices Fall | Culture of Life News

Bloomberg knows very well the answer to this question: How Does Norway Achieve Inflation When Others Can’t? – Bloomberg Business but will NOT tell readers of his ‘news’.


Once upon a time, the only thing one could park in a central bank vault to support the value of paper money was GOLD.  And silver.  All coins of responsible societies were made from copper, gold and silver.  Countries with fake money used cheap metals like zinc.  Paper money was invented by the Chinese to replace gold only they discovered this created inflation due to money printing and adding zeros is laughably easy.

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Steve Forbes Talks About Sovereign Wealth With Professor Prasad In A Childish Way

Forbes magazine has the founder and owner, Forbes himself, discussing in rather a childish way, why the US dollar is ‘strong’ inside of the free trade (sic) economic system he himself and his fellow Bilderberg buddies built.  No mention of the Bilderberg plans, of course.  I find this entire discussion sadly comical for if they are this clueless, we are doomed.  Well, we ARE doomed.  Or they know perfectly well what is going on and refuse to tell anyone which is the most likely explanation: Why One Ivy League Economist Thinks The U.S. Dollar Is Invincible And What This Means For Investors

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‘Real Climate’ Blog Virtually Never Mentions Blizzards When Talking About ‘Extreme Weather’

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RealClimate: blizzards: I did a search for any mention of blizzards at this ‘science’ site that is supposed to tell us the truth about something as obvious as the weather.  As we see, there is only one reference to the word ‘blizzard’ in the last year and it was in September when this site was trying to explain away global cooling with this story: RealClimate: What ocean heating reveals about global warming.

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