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DOJ Will Now Go After CIA Spooks Who Tried Election Coup

New Department of Justice letter opens door to more investigations of DNC criminal actions against Trump during 1016 election:

The new DOJ letter also indicates that Durham may be looking into gutter oppo research firm Fusion GPS who hired former British spy Christopher Steele to compile a 35-page Russia dossier to smear Donald Trump and his associates.


The legal net is closing in on the Clinton campaign creeps.  About time.  They had to wait until the fake Mueller investigation ended to really dig in to the real crimes by the gang who tried to frame Trump.  This is why the DNC is screaming for impeaching Trump on no charges.  They have to yell very loud in order to hide the real news.  But the goddess of justice will nail these gangsters in the end.

Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible” Terms Censored


Now it has moved beyond apology to giving up altogether on the notion of publishing editorial cartoons.  Editor James Bennet explained the paper had planned for a year to cease running political cartoons in the international print version of the Times, in line with the U.S. edition.


Pinterest Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible” Terms Censored.  Yes, Google does this, too.  Religions and people the SJW gang don’t like are being listed as ‘pornography’ and thus, censored.


Zerohedge is on the list.  Liveaction.org is no longer hidden, it is now openly declared ‘censored’.  When they learned that they were being investigated by Project Veritas, they suddenly relisted Liveaction.  Everyone is now suing these clowns doing this disgusting work.


What is very annoying is how ‘Christianity’ is treated as if it is all about crimes, raping children (HAHAHA…the same leftists are OK with child rape!) and other crimes while Muslims and Jews are not dumped into the ‘porn’ blocks.  Censorship always ends up being a danger to life and limb.  Supposedly to protect us, the censors are nasty creeps out to harm us.


About censorship: the NYT is censoring itself.  Not its SJW creeps, not its fake news.  Nope.  They are going to have no more political cartoons!  HAHAHA.  Now funny stuff no more, bro!  Just straight forward lies.  NY Times won’t do any more anti-semetic cartoons via no more cartoons at all!!!

I hope the NYT censors itself to oblivion.  They are useless, they are liars, they are very creepy.



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The SJW Bilderberg Purge Of Internet Roars Onwards Eliminating Opposition

Google has bought Congress via bribes so they aren’t worried about leading the Chinese-style censorship of the entire internet. Last night was a classic fascist move by the fake liberals led by the Bilderberg gang which is in hysterics that they are losing control of the US and Europe.  Many, many news sites run by conservatives were suddenly destroyed across all platforms all at once in a coordinated attack.  The claim: these were foreign ‘bots’ not run by citizens!  All false: the elimination Alex Jones across all systems is now being carried out across the board against anyone not a SJW supporter.

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Twitter’s New Staff Suddenly Began Purging Conservatives From Platform

Garrison is a fine cartoonist who supports Infowars.  He lives on his ranch in the West.  He is always very funny and quite talented as an artist.  Twitter today unveiled a new regime after hiring people to ‘clean up Twitter’ which is SJW-speak for ‘censoring everyone else so they can’t debate issues.’  This is, in other words, joining the Facebook/Google is Evil twin fascists who decided last May to rig the election by banning anyone including Congressmembers from platforms run by these gangsters.  I say, arrest them all.

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San Francisco Openly Is Allowing Illegal Aliens To Vote!

New California policy: Illegal immigrants voting? – YouTube: if they get driver’s licenses.


California’s DNC rulers claimed they needed to give licenses to alien invaders because of accidents, etc.  Then they let them vote in the last election.  Due to suits about this crime of letting aliens vote, they had to issue ‘citizen’ ID.  So yesterday, San Francisco decided to openly register illegal aliens so they can vote for school elections.  Around 50% of taxes on properties is for schools!  So citizen property owners now have to obey the votes of illegal aliens who want more money for schools that struggle to teach hostile young students who don’t want to learn English.

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SJW Hollywood Creeps Freak Out Obscenely Over SC Kennedy Retirement

Hollywood Implodes over Justice Kennedy Retirement: ‘This Is How You Lose a Country’


I and my family are quite liberal in the old sense.  But the SJW nightmare has infected everything, for example, gays and transgender people have been told, Muslims love them and don’t throw them out of windows of tall buildings or stone them to death when they have power.  Nope.  This level of delusion has been quite clear during the Pussy Hat Parades: they celebrated women being forced to wear hijabs!  They cheered a radical Muslim fundamentalist female as she urged them to surrender to Islam!  Insane.  I warned liberals for some time, pushing for too much, too fast, and being arrogant about it will backfire very badly but no one listens to me.

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The Magic Index/Ring Finger Ratio: Longer Ring Finger=More Masculine Personality Traits

FEMINISTS RUIN MISS AMERICA: Bye Bye Swimsuits! | Louder With Crowder – YouTube


Cheerleaders, women at races holding signs, beauty contests, the list of all of the ‘pretty women’ jobs being deleted or annihilated is rising rapidly.  This isn’t accidental, it is deliberate and it isn’t popular, many times, it is very unpopular with customers who like these services.  Madame Mao hated beauty.  She started off as a beauty female in the movies and then turned into this monster who hated sex and tormented the Chinese people, forcing all of them to wear drab, ugly uniforms and have no sex.  This Maoism is a huge part of the SJW belief systems which school teachers have been installing in young ladies in particular.

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EU Rulers Demand Preganant Bulgarian Cow Be Executed For Illegally Crossing Borders!

Activists battle to prevent pregnant cow from being executed for ‘illegally’ crossing into EU — RT World News from Russia: yes, the penalty for crossing borders into the fabulous EU is DEATH.  If you are a productive cow!  Humans can storm the borders openly and get rewarded with housing, food and other goodies which is why huge armies of millions of people are now storming into the dying EU.  More countries are now desperately trying to stop this flood of illegal aliens but are punished by the dictators in Brussels.  So Italy, for example, voted in defiance to shut out illegal aliens, anyways.  A war is on and Europe, so far, is dying.

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