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CIA Makes Bin Laden Voodoo Doll With Removable Heads: Black Magic Deep In US Rulers


Sticking pins in the voodoo doll.


Some bizarre and creepy CIA news:  Bin Laden doll made for CIA by GI Joe creator Donald Levine up for sale (namely, this Jewish guy gets to make a satanic doll with a REMOVABLE HEAD).  This put on the red alert for me.  After all, the creepy and bizarre and very illegal assassination of bin Laden and his wife included the creepy lopping off of his head and the body being secretly dumped in the ocean!


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Battling The Hydra: US Expanding Wars In Middle East, Asia, Europe While Ebola Spreads

Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 9.08.53 AM

AIPAC rules us so we have this bizarre, insane new foreign policy:  Obama admits Bashar al Assad MUST go before ISIS can be defeated National security team believe removing Syrian President Bashar al Assad will kick-start the defeat of ISIS.  This is beyond ridiculous.  Hitler’s claim that Poland invaded Germany as an excuse to launch WWII is matched by this bizarre policy.  ISIS was created by the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia to overthrow Assad.  He was supposed to collapse promptly only he didn’t.  So now they are going to bomb the Syrians to do what?  Why, open the door wide for ISIS!


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Elite Historians And Diplomats (sic) Are Desperate To Deny That The Crimea Confrontation Can Cause WWIII

Scene of bloodiest battle Western front WWI France

Siegfried Sassoon – Poem: ‘On passing the new Menin Gate’. – YouTube: The above picture is the point in France where the Allies stopped the German push to Paris in 1915.  This battle lasted for nearly half a year and killed a million soldiers.  It is a flat field they turned into the moon, cratering everything in sight.  The butchery of WWI was the end result of globalization and free trade (that is, one way free trade with the Europeans and Americans forcing open closed markets like China and Japan!) which mirrors today with one way free trade and globalization oppressing the workers severely while bankrupting empires that are so used to looting the world, they loot their home base which is insane and stupid but they can’t help themselves.  The US/Russia/China battle for dominance pits an increasingly bankrupt US against two of the greater sovereign wealth nations on earth.  We will lose this confrontation and go totally bankrupt. Continue reading


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Navy Seals Shot Bin Laden Hundreds Of Rounds and EU Elites Claim Kosovo And Crimea Are Not The Same

Navy SEALs ‘took turns dumping HUNDREDS of bullets’ into Osama bin Laden’s body: the raid on bin Laden’s family hideout was totally illegal.  It was a gross violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty.  It was also outright murder as the gunmen sent in as assassins killed innocent people.  There was zero attempt at capturing bin Laden and then to top it all off, the body was illegally disposed of in a criminal fashion.  From top to bottom, this was an action crying out for the International Criminal Court to investigate and arrest the parties involved which included Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

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Bill Gates Wants To Create Blizzards To Save California From Being Hot

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 7.32.07 AM


I learn a lot from readers who post here and this is a story that didn’t make it to the East Coast.  The California plan to spray salt water CONTAMINATED BY FUKUSHIMA into the high stratosphere where it will create global cooling and may I add, fierce blizzards across the rest of the country that isn’t the West Coast.  Launching such a ship would be a declaration of war against the cold half of the nation and could lead to military confrontation, if nothing else, I would scuttle that myself.

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