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NATO Approves Of Full Military Attacks On Separatist East Ukrainians After Fake Election: Many Killed

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In Slavyansk, a young woman is killed by a bomb attack by US/NATO Ukraine occupation forces.


This brings little in the way of headlines in the US/Bilderberg owned media.  But the coup in Kiev launched full scale military warfare on citizens objecting to the coup in Eastern Ukraine.  All attempts by Putin to talk nice and do nothing has led to a continuous blood bath in a number of cities.  I recall Obama and his henchman, Kerry, whining about Syria stopping an uprising using military force!  They wanted the UN to condemn this.  Now, it is OK to do the exact same thing.  In Egypt, Sisi won his fake election after disbanding opposing parties and executing the entire leadership of the #1 political party.  The US duo aping Bush and Cheney fully approve of this fake ‘democracy’.

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US Encourages Killing Of Russian Ukrainians, Puts US Student In Prison Up To 5 Years For Hitting Cop With Elbow

Dozens injured, fatalities on both sides in ongoing military op in Slavyansk (VIDEO) — RT News

Ukraine: many feared dead in fresh Slavyansk clashes  after Brennan of CIA ‘Warmongers R US Agents’ fame visited secretly and gave permission to the coup to kill.  No Russians among Slavyansk self-defense forces – NYT reporters as yet again, the NYT had to admit they made up propaganda stuff.  This war is a classic.  The US lies about the genesis and then proceeds to imitate Nazis.

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CIA-Funded Right Wing Kiev Killers Attack Unarmed Citizens In Eastern Ukraine

For the last 5 years while the US is mired in this inflation-riddled depression with millions of Americans plunging into poverty and our debts mounting higher and higher and with a huge trade deficit that never ends, while our own government tells us there is no money for Americans while trying to legalize foreign invaders calling them ‘undocumented workers’, we are being roughly shoved into WWIII with Russia and China as the US sides with open fascists in Japan and Europe!  While pushing for coups and wars against Muslim citizens in the oil drenched parts of the world.

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