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Communism & Catholic Church Both Rob & Enslave The Masses

From 2 years ago…it is ten times worse now: You Won’t Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela – YouTube.


The Catholic Church and Communism/Socialism share the exact same roots: to save the downtrodden, the very poor, the people who are suffering under the heel of authority.  Both belief systems have the exact same results: crushing the lower classes and enslaving them, killing them, stealing the very bread out of the children’s mouths and amassing all wealth at the top of the hierarchy.  The utter enslavement of the minds and possessions and lives of the People by the communistic Catholic Church and outright modern Communists is amazing to me.  And this fraud is sold to the lower classes over and over again.

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Brave Brittany Pettibone’s Tommy Robinson Interview That Bilderberg Gang Tried To Stop

European Parliament on Right-Wingers Banned From UK – Lauren’s arrest to prevent her from entering Britain to interview Tommy Robinson.


As more and more countries build walls and raise fences to keep out terrorists and interlopers, the fake liberals who obey the Bilderberg gang demand no walls, not controls on terrorists.  I want everyone to see Tommy Robinson, the bravest man in England who is defying the Bilderberg gang in Europe, he talks about how they tried to break him in prison for ‘wrongthink’.  We are in the middle of a Kultur Kampf of epic proportions.  The left wants to impose pure Maoism on us and that is literal hell.

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Maduro Socialist Dictatorship Hyperinflation Is Killing Resource-Rich Venezuela

The Tragedy of Venezuela – YouTube


Sargon of Akkad does a fine job explaining the history of the last year in Venezuela.  The New York Times has a small amount of news from dying Venezuela but none of it makes the front page, you have to search the back pages for it.  Hyperinflation, seizure of private property, use of brute force against protesting citizens, the collapse of all social systems is huge news and liberals don’t want to talk about why it is happening and who created this collapse.  Venezuela was one of the richest countries in South America and is now the poorest.

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Russia Arms Iran With Defense Missiles, NATO, Israel And Saudis Freak

▶ Russia Sends S 300 Missile Defense System To Iran – YouTube

Putin’s Missile Could Make U.S. Attacks on Iran Nearly Impossible – Israel’s Jews are furious and the Saudis are freaking out.  The US and its pet puppy, NATO, are freaking out, too.  Why, how dare any country that pumps oil and doesn’t belong to the bankers, get weapons of self defense?  Unheard of!  They are supposed to disarm and then be bombed by NATO, obviously.

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Salon Article Attacking Conservatives For Being Heartless: Look In The Mirror And See The Heartless Leftists

Salon is complaining bitterly that the GOP is trying to pull out Federal Funds (taxpayer money) from ‘research’ in the sociology departments in places like Berkeley, due to anger on the right about various ‘studies’ that claim conservatives are stupid and evil while liberals are kindly and loving.  This ‘research’ is very bogus since both left and right are exceedingly intolerant of anyone refusing to obey their various dictates.  The blood baths created by both the left and right in history is gigantic, many, many millions and millions of humans are sacrificed on the altar of ‘political correctness’.  Here is the Salon story which is an interview with an academic, professor Jost. The right has f***ked up minds: Meet the researcher who terrifies GOP Congress – Salon.com

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Savers Vs Spenders: The Need To Seize Property And Bank Savings

The present crisis hammering the first world banking system isn’t something new or even slightly different.  It is the same old bubble/crash story of the last 500 years or more.  Bad bets eliminate capital and this capital is the savings entrusted to bankers for earning interest.  Fixing this by imposing the ZIRP capital gains system has turned banking on its head while countries offering higher interest returns on savings are seeing their banks go under due to crappy loans mainly in real estate and poor business venture loans. Continue reading


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We are now going to get a lesson in harsh reality: all economic systems depend on a well-educated, well-fed and happy workforce.  Unhappy workers revolt.  Or commit suicide.  Or do other damaging things.  All states since the founding of Ur have struggled with this fact.  The employment situation across the globe has been worsening.  People can’t pay debts if they are unemployed.  People who never get decent jobs don’t build families.  40% of the children born in the US in 2007 are out of wedlock.  In Japan, children are simply not being birthed by a considerable part of the population. Continue reading


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