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Welcome The New Cold Cycle, Solar Cycle #25


After the last el Nino, we are now entering a new sola cycle whereby the sun cools down things due to a lower sun spot cycle.  The sun spot cycles have been recorded for many years, my own grandfather did this with Dr. Hubble in California and my father did this and the first solar observatory was on Kitt Peak where I played as a child, it is a huge building, by the way and has interesting echo effects which, being a child, I loved doing there.  That is, sing Wagner, of all things.


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Burst Sunspot Activity Warms Earth Nearly Instantly

Screen shot 2015-03-14 at 9.22.56 AM

Even though it is towards the end of the present solar cycle, we still have bursts of energy coming from the sun.  A fairly large sunspot has bathed the earth and the other planets with surges of energy that warm all systems up just like the absence of sunspot action causes cooling.  The heat from these energy surges, some of which were short wave radio levels, has knocked out radio in the Pacific and is causing auroras at the North Pole.  On my mountain in New York, it has suddenly caused the melting of what used to be four feet of snow.  The suddenness of the warming is typical of the sun: when it is active, it warms within hours, then the heat is retained by our oceans but NOT by our atmosphere, for a much longer period.

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Global Warmists Want Us To Live Like Rats—Siberian Researchers See Permafrost Freezing More, Not Melting

Screen shot 2015-01-27 at 9.51.58 AM

Global warmists need more money…note the paved over playground with manufactured equipment for the children behind the white picket fence.


We were very lucky here on my little mountain and got half the snow forecast but it is bitterly, bitterly cold.  3ºF as I sit indoors near the fireplace, wind blowing outside.  I read this disturbing yet extremely hilarious rant at a left wing site erroneously called ‘Truthout’: Dahr Jamail | Mourning Our Planet: Climate Scientists Share Their Grieving Process.  Boo hoo, they are all roasting to death and think we will all roast to death!  And this roasting won’t stop!  I have an easy solution: they can all leave California and other warm places and move to my neighborhood!

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Jeff Bezos Wants High CO2 Taxes On Energy While He Lives In Huge Mansions And Flies Private Jets

washington post lies about global warming as usual May 2014


The global warming propaganda is in full scream now.  The Washington Post, owned by a California dude who owns huge mansions and private jets, is howling about how we are all going to roast to death unless we ride bikes and live in ‘tiny houses’ which our billionaire media owners have been lavishing praise.  The above graphs used by the WP to describe the climate are presented with false interpretations.  So I corrected this by adding some data lines to fix the problems and lo and hehold: no global warming.

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Cold and Wet Here On My Mountain As Global Warming Is Replaced With A Cooler Sun Has No Spots

Average weather in June for upstate NY

We have had over 7″ of rain this month and it is only June 10th.  It rains nearly every day.  It has been so cold, I have had to fire up the wood stove and will have to do this tonight, too.  The temperatures for the last several weeks seldom rises above 70 degrees, often is below 65 degrees.  Thick clouds cover the skies with only rare days with the sun shining.

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Lord Stern Admits No Global Warming And That The Sun Might Influence Weather

Recently, even global warming alarmists are admitting it is rather cold in the Northern Hemisphere this late spring.  We are getting another frost tonight and there was snow in Canada and the northern states.  I was listening to NPR interview this climate ‘scientist’ who admitted it wasn’t getting hotter and hotter but when asked about where this heat has gone, he said, ‘In the oceans’ rather than admitting, finally, the SUN has a great deal to do with the ‘puzzling’ decline. Continue reading


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Melting Polar Ice Cannot Be Causing Cold Winters And Hot Winters Every Other Year

Nothing bothers me more than the fact that weather forecasting, despite all the wonderful satellites, continues to be very poorly done.  Just as the British forecasters claimed we would be in a heat wave instead of severe cold winter, I find the US forecasts to be poorer and poorer.  Many examples abound.  The main problem is, the global warming ideology means ALL weather, hot, cold, dry or wet, is blamed on CO2.  No mention is ever made of the sun or volcanoes, the two main drivers of sudden weather changes. Continue reading


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