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At Solar Maximum, Sun Finally Awakens This Last Week With Solar Flares

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Sun sends 28 solar flares erupting through space in a week… and there may be more on the waySpaceWeather.com — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids:  As if wakening with a fit and a start, the sun has a burst of activity.  Once again, the sun moves into its proper position as the main driver of weather for the entire planetary system.  The astronomers who were ignored for the last 30 years are finally forcing some of the ‘climatologists’ to wake up, too and put the sun back into its primary position of the #1 force in how the climate works.  The other huge forces are volcanoes and celestial stuff.


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Massive Coronal Hole Covers Quarter Of Sun: The Sun Is Colder

Cold sun: massive coronal hole June 2013

NASA – Massive Coronal Hole on the Sun: I grew up watching the sun.  My grandfather and father were solar experts.  I witnessed the founding and building of the Kitt Peak National Observatory when I was a child.  Next to that observatory is this peculiar large rock which we children called ‘Turtle Rock’.  I played on and under that rock formation which is now fenced off like most of Kitt Peak.  Anyone who has this many years watching the sun (family discussions with people who have over 100 years of observations to draw upon) knows the sun is not a steady state entity. Continue reading


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