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Cyber Experts Claim ‘Lena’ Is Sony Leaker, Not North Korea, FBI Totally Wrong


Moviegoers Defy North Korea after a flood of some of the most astonishingly stupid propaganda screaming in the US, lots and lots of people went to see one of the dumbest movies in recent memory.  Supposedly, North Korea leaked all those US Sony emails revealing that the Sony bosses are a bunch of very creepy, awful people.  With zero facts, this was instantly blamed on North Korea and then this was used as an excuse to increase the Cold War bellowing by our elites while the true scandal of how Sony is a racist, anti-women, goyim hating operation was buried.

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Jewish Omerta: US Media Conspires With Sony Executives To Not Report Hacked Emails

Marlon Brando – Jews control Hollywood.flv – YouTube


In New York City, the Daily News notices the contents of the hacked Sony emails.  Virtually no Jewish-owned media is noticing this huge story.  But for some reason, the Daily News which is owned by Mortimer Zuckerman has actually carried some of these stories!  Hollywood big wigs have a long way to go on raceLeaked emails show award-winning black actors who may play slaves in movies are still slaves in the eyes of a few of the white racist moguls who runHollywood.

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Rolling Stone Black Victim Rape Story Utterly Unravels, While Cosby Drug/Rape Story Doesn’t Mention Race Of Victims


▶ Bill Cosby – Spanish Fly – YouTube: the above video has been removed minutes after I got it from a major news story.  You can view this in iTunes for $1.29 bucks. iTunes – Music – It’s True! It’s True by Bill Cosby


At the same time dozens of white women in the entertainment industry are coming out of the closet…not for the first time, either…to accuse Bill Crosby of drugging and raping them with the connivance of Hugh Hefner and the Hollywood/Las Vegas male gang who used the casting couch as a way of raping young women, we have the Rolling Stone running a probably fake rape story where a young black woman accuses young white college frats of raping her only to have her story totally unravel.  There are several interesting threads in both stories which have to do with race, liberals refusing to see reality, the depravity of the entertainment business and black women desperately wanting to be raped by white males so they can feel justified in hatreds.

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