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Trump’s Commission On Censorship Infuriates Bilderberg Gang Media Giants Like Google

Livestream: Trump’s Presidential Commission On Censorship Will Save America


Google is refusing to talk to Congress about blatant censorship.  DC is trying to understand ‘Russian meddling’ in the election which saw immense meddling by California liberal big businesses that hate Trump.  Google has screwed with me all year long, for example.  I want Google punished.  Also, CNN claims ANTIFA is a black power movement and it is racist to say ANTIFA is evil.  HAHAHA.  And South Africa’s new ruler is going to confiscate guns and land which is OK for liberals here who want to do the same. Continue reading


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Colorado Cops Canned Due To Releasing Video Of Denver Mayor’s Brat Threatening Them

What interests me greatly is not the black kid acting like a total brat, all the brats of people in power tend to do this, being raised to think they are special.  What interests me is how virtually no news about all this uproar made in mainstream Bilderberg news.  That is, it made nearly exactly no national news at all except for Fox TV which carried the story back in the spring when it happened and the update uproar this week.  All the ‘liberal’ media censored this important news.  Outright lying about facts is common in liberal media now, it is out of control and the controls the gangsters are applying are against people posting real news, they are being eliminated by Google and Facebook and Apple at a mad rate.  This is criminal and Trump is planning to tackle this in Congress.

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South Africa Blacks Confiscate Farms, New York Times Lies About Blacks Murdering White Farmers

The crazy liberals have decided to attack Trump over the issue of the mass torture and murder and land confiscations of white farmers in South Africa.  This week, the communist leaders there announced they would confiscate entire farms, wholesale.  A terrible era of starvation will result exactly like Venezuela or Zimbabwe.  Meanwhile, the New York Times has an article today full of lies and deceits, accepting the government’s story about the farm murders in SA while not talking to the victims of the chaos and murder soaking the soil in blood.

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A Cold, Wet Summer Arrives While Obama Talks About Lunar Green Cheese If Anyone Notices This

Mid June cold waves 2014

Denying climate change is like saying the moon is made of cheese, argues Obama as he takes on global warming deniers at commencement speech.  Last winter as cold wave after cold wave hammered the US and hit the economy very hard, we went into a remarkably cold spring and now summer is officially days away and cold fronts continue to sweep across the nation one after another in quick succession with more snow falling, of all things!  And he says we are fools thinking the moon is green cheese?

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