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NSA Blimp Protest In Utah And Our Imperial War Spending Is Popular With Peace Prize President

Across the world, many are reporting the news about the blimp protest against the NSA data collection center in Utah.  For many months now, various protests have been tried and this is the latest one, done by a coalition of groups with both left and right members, mostly leftists.  Snowden is a libertarian, for example.  I have always wanted a stronger left/right Constitutional rights/antiwar coalition but this has been shattered by two political forces, both of which are stupid.  That is, the global warming insanity on the left and the anti-women’s, minorities and gay civil rights attitude on the right.  Maybe we will find common ground again by dropping both peculiar itches.

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Recently, US Called Kiev Ruler, Poroschenko, ‘Corrupt Oligarch’—Wikileaks

Shells hit hospital as Ukrainian army resumes strike on Slavyansk — RT News

The US/NATO war against Eastern Ukraine roars onwards with Obama talking smack and hustling on Europe’s back alleys while Kiev aggression angers Russians further as Putin steps back to let the US and Germany fly off the cliff in Ukraine.  The US has made a huge diplomatic blunderbuss by talking war just when Putin plays rope-a-dope.

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