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25 Year Old Female Is One NSA Leaker Arrested In DC Today

It never ceases to amaze me at how childish and incompetent our ‘spook’ systems are these days, all the people put in by Bush Jr and Obama are a scraggly bunch.  So many leakers, so many can’t handle materials correctly and this includes a certain Mrs. Clinton who should know better…it is endless.  The Russians and Chinese don’t have to even bother with spying with this level of incompetence and outright flubbing of nearly everything.  Even children can spy on the government due to this incompetence.

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Obama’s CIA Is A Total Mess: Coup At Home, Total Failure In China

Ingraham: Someone in intel community wants to hurt Trump – YouTube

Our lovely spook community is at war with…President Trump!  Yes, the Swamp Monster is pissed at him.  But in the news today is the story about how, under Obama, all the Chinese spies were eliminated systematically by the Chinese as they have a 100% sovereign right to do…and the CIA is making excuses about this matter.  And this ties into the Seth Rich murder in DC…we suspect that this was a CIA hit.

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New Secretary Tillerson Fired ALL the ‘Deep State’ Spooks At State Department in DC!

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government – YouTube

Secretary of State Tillerson FIRES the deep state ‘shadow government/7th floor’ traitors from State! IT’S HAPPENING!  OMG, Trump is really going after the Bilderberg’s machine that enforces their draconian rule of the planet earth at our expense.  NOW I am in awe.  This is also highly dangerous because the Dark State (Mordor) has many minions who are Death Eaters so to speak, that is, assassins.  They get cover from the media that lies about assassins leading to fake stories popping up and covering the tracks of these people.


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Pressure Cooker Story Full Of Holes, Lies By Catalano

Catalano facebook bomb page

Every once and a while, people seeking publicity play mind games with everyone’s justified paranoia.  The latest scam attempt is by the Catalano family who put out this story that they innocently Googled ‘pressure cooker’ because they wanted to cook some beans, ‘backpack’ because their son wanted one and ‘bombs’ for no good reason at all and then suddenly the FBI was storming their home, grilling them about terrorism. Continue reading


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