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Shapiro Speech Ground Zero Berkeley: No Big Riot, Lots Of Cops

(45) The End Of The Berkeley Blockade | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 384: We deconstruct last night’s Berk… – YouTube


The far left in California has now crossed the River Styx: they demonstrate AGAINST free speech.  I was there at the birth of the ‘free speech movement’ and one of the first anti-free speeches delivered in Berkeley was at the Anti-fascist Meeting of 1968.  There I was, trying to give a speech about the failure of the European student revolt (having been deported from Germany just three weeks prior) and a mob of far leftist radicals attacked me!  Physically, of course.  This is how they operate.

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Zionist Neocon Rubin Whines About Obama Being Unenthusiastic For More Ethnic Warfare

The raving neonazi lunatic, Ms. Rubin who has a perch at the stable of Zionists who are the only ones allowed to write editorials for the warmongering Washington Post  is whining today about how Netanyahu’s stand in puppet, Obama, isn’t ENTHUSIASTIC about his role as AIPAC’s puppet!  A teachable moment in foreign policy – The Washington Post


His entire demeanor was that of a truculent teenager forced to perform some disagreeable chore. His lack of enthusiasm, verging on resentment for carrying out his obligations as commander in chief, is remarkable. Military action in Iraq may have some interesting consequences. It may drive home some hard foreign policy lessons for the public, politicians and pundits:

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