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Former State Department China Official Arrested For Taking Bribes From Chinese

LEAKER DOWN! Look Who The New Leaker Is That The Trump Administration Just Caught – YouTube


As is typical online these days, the news about this traitor makes the back pages not the front pages.  A State Department diplomat who worked for the DNC and RNC bosses over the years was really a traitor lining his own pockets.  The video above shows the massive mansion he built due to these bribes.  The new leaders in DC put in by Trump are harvesting many of these traitors now.

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Hidden Saudi Horror Stories That Make Zero News In The US

I have this thing about the Saudi royals. I, personally, knew more than one via my father’s activities in the past, one actually lived with us once back in the 1960’s. When you meet the young princes, they are very, very charming and sweet.  They talk sweetly.  They are pleasant people and this fools women who then learn to their horror that this is the sheath of a very sharp iron sword which is used recklessly at home in Saudi Arabia.  I knew one American woman who married a Saudi royal and he let her ride stallions and do her thing in Saudi Arabia but she was still a prisoner and she confided to my mother that she was scared that her freedoms might suddenly vanish.  U.S. Department of State: Marriage to Saudis :: this article details the horrors of being married to Saudis, the many crimes they commit and how it is about the same as outright slavery.

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PUTIN WON USING DIPLOMACY: Ukraine Coup Surrenders


Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 7.53.54 AM


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Israel Illegally Gets Huge Weapon Stash Directly From Pentagon, Obama Now Stops Netanyahu

U.S. halts missile transfer requested by Israel so…Israel simply went behind our diplomatic back to steal these weapons from the Pentagon using insiders to OK this ‘deal’ which, of course, is ‘free’.  Sort of like bank robbers using tellers to get money and then get away!  This news is all over Israel and the WSJ also ran it which is interesting because normally, this sort of news is totally hidden from Americans.  Google’s new feed, for example, doesn’t carry this story at all.  The Jewish owned NYT has nothing, either.  And has three reporters in Israel so they must have read this news there!

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Kerry Announces Global WARMING Will Be #1 Priority Of All Ambassadors

pulling snow off of roof after Valentine's day blizzard

Here is a picture of me dressed to the nines, yanking snow and ice off of my roof while standing in the snow, most of the plowed snow around the house is now one story high except for here, at the front door where I removed the snow further away so it wouldn’t block everything.  I can walk to the garage roof from the snowbanks that surround the other walls.  It is going to be below zero yet again tonight.  And people are dying all over the northern hemisphere due to this very severe winter.  But don’t worry!  It is hot in some places so they assure us the overall temperature is ‘near normal’…IF you live in say, Arizona, not all the snow belt states!

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Abe Demands Russian Islands—US State Department Silent Again

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 6.26.16 AM

Northern Territories Day ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion: Yes, right before going to the Olympics in Russia, Abe stages yet another unilateral demand for foreign territory.  Even as officials of his regime insult America repeatedly, in one case, denying Japan was the aggressor in WWII and calling the US ‘the enemy’, our own State Department run by the hopeless Kerry remains silent.  Letting Japan run amok is a dangerous thing and one place this is really bad is Fukushima which gets only worse and worse as time passes. Continue reading

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Cold War Erupts: Obama Insults Putin, Childish Diplomacy Plagues US Attempts Ruling World

Mt. Rokatenda volcano erupts

Volcano weather alert: Six Killed as Indonesia’s Mount Rokatenda Volcano Erupts [VIDEO] and this might be a big enough eruption to cause some cooler, wetter weather.  Already, it is again, going down to the low 40’s tonight here and will be colder than normal for the next weeks like in June.  A three week summer, we had this year so far!

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