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Roger Stone And Trump Are Being Sued By Obama (More Russia Is Evil Junk)

(18) FEC Inquisition: Who Is Ellen Weintraub Working For – YouTube

(18) Exclusive: Roger Stone Responds To Obama’s Lawsuit Against Him And President Trump – YouTube


The McCarthy Witch Hunt II continues as Obama is suing Infowars and Trump over everything and I hope this goes to trail because now Trump and Stone and Infowars can dig out all the filth in the DNC Stygian Dark and haul it into the light of day but of course, mainstream news will lie about everything.  This is an open battle now with the Constitution as the main thing we have to protect here. Just like in the McCarthy era, everyone in this massive conspiracy which I use the name ‘Bilderberg’ to tag them but they belong in many interlocking conspiracy groups to rule the world for their own looting…they are now fighting back, totally and this is war.  And we can’t lose this war!  Our lives literally depend on us stopping these elites from destroying our society, our country, our own lives are at stake here!

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