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Trillion Plus Student Loan Debt Drives Young Voters To Vote DNC: Free Schools, High Taxes


What is rather amusing to me this election cycle is that a number of states have legalized pot which is OK with me, I said this should have been done oh, around 50 years ago!  Treat pot users like any other bad driver when it come to ‘drunk driving’ and all is well.  What isn’t amusing is school debt: this is a very tangled issue.  I do not want to pay for a bunch of lunatics to ‘go to school’ and study utter junk just for the fun of it, at my expense.  Schools have to be fixed before taxpayers be stuck with all the bills, so far, we pay 100% for our K to 12 schools.  Fixing the student loan mess is important but how to fix it is up in the air with the DNC wanting to keep the status quo, that is, all the schools are run by DNC members and are used to attack GOP students.

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Texas Business School Professor Thrown Out By Cheating, Lying Students



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Amazon.com: 9781935251804: Books: Every parent should read this book, I highly recommend it.

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NYT Notices That Poor Students Are Being Milked For Fed Loans By Cynical Colleges

▶ The College Conspiracy Full Documentary – YouTube

Creeping up on us all on cat’s paws is the school loan bubble.  At over a trillion dollars this year, it is going to double again each decade and is already at a crisis because schools are luring in students who were incapable of handling Jr. and Senior High classes and then dumping a lifetime of unescapable debt on them.  This is not repayable at low wages and will be deducted from Social Security payments to the lower classes.  A total future catastrophe.


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GOP Forcing Student Loan Interest Rates To Double—6.8%

GOP wants to double student interest rates

Don’t let student loan rates double — Barack Obama

I have an offspring still paying off student loans.  The US cut public spending on schools and dumped most of the burden onto our children who pay for this via higher and higher school costs covered mainly by government-backed loans offered by private banks and everyone profits except for the students who then end up in a difficult job market and competing with foreign labor brought in to depress wages.  So what is the solution Congress, especially the GOP want?  Higher student loan interest rates! Continue reading


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