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Japan Is Freaking Out About Brexit Trade Controls

Japan is freaking out about Brexit in England, fearing it will be punished by French/German EU overlords if they export to England, too.  Japan pushed hard for and enjoyed ‘free trade’ because there is zero ‘free trade’ with Japan, only ‘one way trade’.  Using social and economic tools to prevent real free trade, Japan has run trade surpluses but the dead hand of the rulers of Japan led to it being utterly destroyed…by working the populace to literal death and restricting wages so they live miserable, poor lives as serfs.

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Amazon.com Worker Jumps Out Window After Bezos Torture Program

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A distressed Amazon employee sent out an email to hundreds of co-workers criticizing the company before leaping off its Seattle headquarters in a failed suicide attempt.The unidentified worker, who had been placed on an “employee improvement plan,” jumped off the 12-story building in the downtown area Monday morning and survived the fall, Bloomberg Technology reported.Before taking the plunge, the worker sent out a mass email to Amazon employees, including CEO Jeff Bezos, saying how he was displeased with the company’s recent handling of his transfer request, according to the news site, citing an anonymous source.


Amazon Worker Jumps off 12-Story Building After Being Put on Big-Brother-Like ‘Performance Improvement Plan’

AlterNet – 3 days ago
An Amazon worker was injured in a suicide attempt after jumping off a 12-story
company building in Seattle, reports Bloomberg. Authorities did …

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Death Metal: Suicidal Pilots And Cause Warmongering Nuts Ruling US To Start Wars

▶ SilkAir Flight 185 – Pilot Suicide in 1997, Indonesia crash killing 104 passengers


We just witnessed a horrific crash of a passenger plane in Europe and it took only a day to get the black boxes and find out all the information.  It was suicide/mass murder by a crazy pilot.  Meanwhile, the black boxes from the Ukraine shoot down of the Malaysian airliner, we have zero information from these black boxes and no final report at all.  Then there are all the mystery vanishing of mainly Malaysian jets flying over the Pacific Ocean.  Pilots have murdered hundreds of passengers in the past just like this week’s crash.

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Bilderberg Elites To Meet In 2015 In Tyrol, Austria To Discuss WWIII Plans And Energy Taxes

As US/Saudi armed paramilitary troops terrorize the Middle East with impunity, as the US says it can unilaterally bomb Syria with no input from anyone or respect for borders or the government of Syria, we have the US and NATO pushing for WWIII with Russia claiming yet again that Russia is sending weapons to Ukraine’s Russian speaking citizens who are being bombed by the Kiev coup!  So, we get a totally insane NUCLEAR war for no good reason at all while fighting crazed Muslims all over the Middle East to Afghanistan and then there is the China/Japan tension over some tiny islands while Japan merrily pollutes the entire Pacific Ocean with toxins from Fukushima which is never, ever mentioned in the news these days while it gets colder and colder and all our media yaps about is global warming!

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Japan Politician Proposes Fake Birth Control To Force Women To Have Babies

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Low Birth Rates and a Falling Population | Saving Japan

Yes, an LDP member actually suggested this as a solution to the declining birthrate in Japan!  Over 30,000 Japanese kill themselves every year for the last 14 years.    Poverty rates have doubled.  Birth rates continue to fall.  Germany, Russia and Japan all have below replacement birth rates and this is tied to a global economic mess which began six years ago in the West but the predecessor, the BIG blow-out depression coupled with ZIRP rates began way back in the early 1990’s in Japan and today Japan remains mired in this depression and is using the typical way out which is fascist imperialist expansion and suicidal wars, something the US is choosing to do, too.  Oh, and high government debt shooting ever upwards which the US has also aped.

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China #1 Banking Power, US Diplomacy Collapses In Eastern Ukraine As Putin Gives Out Goodies And Kiev Steals Stuff

The US and EU are super-anxious to paint Russia and China as evil nations that are doing nasty things while NATO runs around the planet doing very nasty things to people including invading and murdering millions.  The exceptionalism which the Bilderberg news media owners boast about is the double standard of diplomacy which says, ‘We can loot, kill and steal whatever we wish with no diplomacy while our opponents have to obey international laws and diplomatic niceties.’  This childish system of ‘me good/you naughty’ informs all of what our rulers do today.  Meanwhile, for the last ten years, our media owners have joined forces to tell everyone, China is stupid/collapsing/evil/doomed while China gets richer and richer and the US grows poorer and poorer.

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Peering Into The Darkness: Suicides Plague People Seeking The Truth About Our Rulers

chiracaqua mountains Arizona Apache territory

The conspiracy theory community has many quirks.  It is like the Chiricahua Mountains where Geronimo hid.  I grew up playing in the mountains around Tucson and lived on the reservation there off and on due to Kitt Peak activity.  The tragedy of mass death is strewn all over the desert when I was a child, pottery and corn grinding tools dropped here, there and everywhere during the Great Drought 500 years ago.  The dark memories of that desperate time haunt the dreams of the natives of Arizona.  And the harsh life hardened them and the most dispossessed of the tribes were the Apaches.

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