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We Know Very Little Direct Information About Our Local Star, The ‘Sun’

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Kitt Peak Solar Observatory – Pics about space

I had a very unusual childhood. All my parents and grandparents including the women, were all astronomers.  I grew up in various observatories from Yerkes in Wisconsin where I was born as my mother left the observatory that night and in California, Texas and above all, Kitt Peak in Arizona, a mountain my father chose because he thought it was beautiful and a great place to live.  I am watching in horror as NASA which my dad also, a rocket expert during WWII, helped found with Kennedy, is rapidly being destroyed by the childish ‘global warming’ hysteria which came out of left field, so to speak.  I watched it evolve because I know Al Gore and the others involved because they knew my dad.

At WUWT there is this raging debate about our local star which ignores the reality of what this thing is: A SMALL STAR which is insignificant compared to most stars.  It is very small, has little power but has endurance because the giant stars all die quickly and blow up spectacularly whereas ours rolls along at the outer fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy puttering along for a billion or so years, happily circled by little planets and so far, evading all the big, explosive, nasty hotter stars that menace us.  But alas, as we circle the Galaxy we are also being drawn into that ferocious inferno and will end up annihilated in the bitter end…try telling that to small children!

Which Grandpa Pettit merrily informed me when I was less than ten years old.  Hilarious, no?


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IEEE Paper By Keith Henson: Feasibility Study Building Orbital To Earth Solar Energy Arrays In Space

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X2-class solar flare: the sun is very active today, we feel the warmth pretty quickly.


My former brother-in-law, Keith Henson,  was one of the founders of the L5 Society which I was a member of way back in the 1970’s, has been pushing for a proposed orbital solar energy transmission system from space to earth-based receptors which we hope would overcome the problem of land-based solar energy, that is, nighttime shutting it down.  Our desire for this sort of development in space is based on the concept that humans must begin moving off planet or have civilization rot away back to Roman standards (SLAVES) in the far future.  Research in this area limps along due to the Bilderberg guys focused nearly entirely on running various stupid global warming con games.  So work on development is at a snail’s pace…but is beginning to pick up.


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Major Solar Storm, Biggest In Cycle 24, Hits Northern Hemisphere

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The sun just had a major burst of energy as it continues at the present solar peak.  As the debate rages onwards about what drives global warming/cooling, the sun reminds us of the elephant in the phone booth.  Even small bursts from our local star heats things up and big bursts heats up more.  This is why solar cycles with lots of sun spots coincide with global warming and when there is little sun spot activity, we get ice age conditions.


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The Sun Awakens: Big Solar Flares Warm Up Frozen North America

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SpaceWeather.com — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids


The snow is finally melting on my mountain!  I am so happy.  The blue jays hanging out at my feeder are beginning their spring mating rituals with the male taking a seed from the feeder, flying to the waiting female and then feeding her it, proving he will be a good daddy for future baby birdies.  This sudden surge in warmness is thanks to our local star, the sun.  A burst of energy has come from it to us heating up the atmosphere and bringing spring.


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White House Coordinating Attacks on ‘Climate Change Denial’ Professors Just Like Red Guard Attacks On Chinese Scientists

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Be A Part Of The Team Holding Geo-centricism Deniers Feet To The Fire is the headline story this year at https://www.barackobama.com/ which is run by the White House.  The California gang that is running this for Obama is firmly convinced that global warming is heating up the entire planet which seems to be mainly LA and San Francisco. Note how Obama’s gang uses ‘climate change DENIAL’ as if anyone is claiming the climate never changes.  This stupidity is at the core of the vicious agenda of the greens who seem bent on destroying society based on lunatic beliefs about global warming that doesn’t exist.  The White House is behind the recent attack on professors who write about the sun and the climate debunking beliefs that CO2 is the sole driver of ‘climate change’.   Continue reading


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New York Times Tries To Explain Sunspots But Fails Miserably

The New York Times pretends to be intelligent and rational.  It is, of course, a propaganda machine that is easily revealed to be run by a bunch of delusional lying bastards and today’s ‘science editorial’ illustrates this very well: Living With a Star – NYTimes.com by Dennis Overbye.  His story ends with a series of corrections:


Correction: February 4, 2015
An earlier version of this article misstated the size of the sun compared with Earth. The sun is more than a million times as big as Earth, not millions of times as big. It also misstated the timeframe on which the sun’s magnetic field reverses. It reverses direction every 11 years, not 22.


But this isn’t the only stupid stuff!  It has lots of lies inside the story.

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Global Warmists Want Us To Live Like Rats—Siberian Researchers See Permafrost Freezing More, Not Melting

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Global warmists need more money…note the paved over playground with manufactured equipment for the children behind the white picket fence.


We were very lucky here on my little mountain and got half the snow forecast but it is bitterly, bitterly cold.  3ºF as I sit indoors near the fireplace, wind blowing outside.  I read this disturbing yet extremely hilarious rant at a left wing site erroneously called ‘Truthout’: Dahr Jamail | Mourning Our Planet: Climate Scientists Share Their Grieving Process.  Boo hoo, they are all roasting to death and think we will all roast to death!  And this roasting won’t stop!  I have an easy solution: they can all leave California and other warm places and move to my neighborhood!

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