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EU Central Bank Considers Giving Everyone Free Money To Restart Dying Economy Hit Hard By Russia Boycott




We have seen raging inflation in many a sector during this long ZIRP central bank money printing depression.  This peculiar depression with so much inflation and bubbles has resulted in the rich getting filthy rich and the lower classes hammered to the point of rebellion and destruction.  The central banks who created this disaster are frantically trying to fix it but of course, the banking disaster is part of the free trade disaster.  They are hitched to each other like Santa’s reindeer.  And the European Union is now a sled drawn by  one lame reindeer, one shot in the chest, one drugged up, one on strike.  So it is skidding to the earth.  No surprise.  Boycott a major buyer/supplier is destroying the EU economy.  Thank you, NATO.  Thanks a million, Bilderberg gang.

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Debate Rages About Swiss Currency Valuation Versus Euro

Back from November 6, 2014, Peter Schiff’s Message to Switzerland: Save Your Currency and Your Country – YouTube

Peter mentions that in 1999 Swiss went off the gold standard was 100% of the reserves gold is now just 7% of reserves and now the reserve is mainly euros (paper).  I am old fashioned, too.  Paper riches turn into ashes at the slightest touch of a match which is why true metals are valuable.  Ownership of anything comes from the barrel of guns.  That is, property and wealth rights are defended violently throughout history.  Any accumulation of property or wealth will be seized by either the mob (we saw this recently in Ferguson MO when mobs burned down businesses while the politicians prevented the police and military from defending them).  Switzerland has had the fortune to play off everyone so they can be ‘neutral’ while several world wars raged violently around them.


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Bilderberg Commission To Fix Falling Worker Wages Via Telling Lots Of Lies About Free Trade

Trying to Solve the Great Wage Slowdown: mainstream media notices that across the globe, workers inside the free trade construct are being ripped off, their labor marginalized and capital flows to wherever workers can be brutally exploited:


An international commission, describing income stagnation as a defining challenge, offers proposals meant to influence the political debate.

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Russia Hurt By Economic Warfare But US Is Being Utterly Destroyed By Our Trade Partner Allies

I am ceaselessly amazed at our media’s coverage of any news about or from Russia.  The Olympics was a Putin-bash for our media owners and the pro-Pussy Riot news was amazing considering that these women would be beaten to death or shot if they did here, what they do in Russia.  Naturally, the US media goes to Pussy Riot for economic information about Russia and loves to think that Russia is about to collapse.  Ukraine’s East Invasion Stalls, Troops Pull Back is a headline at Antiwar.com but not in US media, of course.  Here is a typical example:  Russia Economy Worsens Even Before Sanctions Hit – NYTimes.com

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Vatican Banker And Friends Caught Smuggling Money From Switzerland As Catholic Scandals Pop Up Everywhere

The new pope hopes to clean the stygian mess in the Vatican

The Holy See has been slogging through a sea of excrement as all the corruption and financial finagling and child rape continues to heave into the news.  The new Pope has his hands full following the despicable Ratzinger.  The news from Italy today is a very convoluted, involved tale of this Vatican priest trying to cheat everyone in sight while working at the Vatican’s bank, the IOR.  You have to read the story below to get a vague idea of all the schemes and tricks Scarano played is right out of a 17th century  Commedia dell’arte performance.

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EASY READING CULTURE OF LIFE NEWS:  SWISS CHEESE TAX SQUEEZE « Culture of Life News 2swiss-banking-gnomes-and-infinity1

All sorts of goofy things are going on in the banking world.  During the years of the anti-gold propaganda, Switzerland’s gnomes were fooled, yes, fooled by this wave of propaganda and started selling all of their gold.  Ferdinand Lips mentions this in his book, ‘Gold Wars.’  This is what outsiders don’t understand about the ruling elites: all propaganda put out by the elites is consumed by the elites who fall for their own tricks!  Now, we see the swords coming out as everyone who is smart, defends their own territory while attacking outside territories, all, while talking about how evil it is to defend one’s own territory.  We know, via history, what happens next. Continue reading


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ito-jakuchuJakuchu art from 1780 Japan

Eastern Europe is sliding off the cliff and the Swiss bankers will go with it since they lent a great deal of money to Eastern Europeans.  They also must stop being a tax haven for tax cheats in Germany and the US.  Kiss the Swiss banking system goodbye.  And Brown of England wants the IMF to track the world even closer, welcome to the New World Order.  And last week, the French and British nuclear subs had a collision and today, it is the Russian navy sinking a Chinese rice ship because the Chinese tried to evade Russian port authorities. Continue reading


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