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Syrian Electronic Army Hacks NYT, Eliminating It

The US media is big  on two things: censoring nearly anything to do with either the Saudi criminal rulers or the Palestinian people when they are victimized by the US and Israel.  The warmongers in the US have railroaded everyone into yet another war.  This has 9% public support but has 100% support of AIPAC and Saudi lobbyists and rulers overseas who want to tear apart yet another country.  Vultures, all.

UPDATE: NYT back online again after the outage.

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Stupid Computer Trades By Goldman Sachs And JPMorgan Drove Stocks Off Cliff During AP Hack By Syrian Computer Geeks


Fake Tweet Erasing $136 Billion Shows Markets Need Humans:  No kidding!  The computers used by the big banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan all are now hooked into the AP feed where these programs are set to ‘see’ bad news and instantly sell stocks with no human intervention.  These computer programs have repeatedly crashed the stock market with zero warning and are a huge hazard to the fair markets for the average investor. Continue reading


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Syrian Electronic Army Hacks AP Feed And Fuels Panic On Wall Street

Syrian electronic army website


Syrian Electronic Army :: Offical Website

Twitter was like an open door for hackers and the US loves to think we out-hack, out-assassin and out-intimidate everyone but this is an illusion.  Our grand experiment with being the Assassination Nation which strews revolts and coups here, there and the occasional outright invasion, we are so smart!  NOT!  This insane, lawless, wild, willful destruction is boomeranging back to smack us in the collective face and today’s sudden collapse and then recovery of the stock market shows how easy it is for someone to retaliate and terrorize us while we terrorize them.  Syria strikes back! Continue reading


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