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The Mother of All Bombs Blows Up Nothing In Afghanistan

2015:  MOAB – Mother of All Bombs GBU-43/B – the Pentagon boasts that this is the ‘mother of all bombs’.   The Tsar nuclear bomb by Russia is the father of all possible bombs being 1000 times more dangerous.  The Pentagon is running riot again just like they did for the last 60 years, pretty much my entire life.  I grew up in the shadow of the nuclear bombs, grrr…it wasn’t a picture in the news, it was very real at the secret military base where we lived for a while during the Eisenhower years.

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Crazy US Muslim Policies Cause More Chaos While US Becomes More Chaotic At Home

Egypt erupts over Mubarak ruling: Thousands take to the streets after judge rules ousted president WON’T face murder charges over Arab Spring protester killings: the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia arranged for the coup in Egypt.  Mubarak was overthrown by the people who then had this election which was fair.


Then Morsi was overthrown after the very rich 1% caused the economy to crash.  The military moved in and illegally removed him from his elected office exactly like Ukraine saw a year later.  The new dictator of Egypt, Sissi, has now attacked the people of Sinai, he eradicated this large town next to Gaza and drove out all the people who lived there and now has closed off Palestine to all trade making the ghetto there exactly like the Warsaw Ghetto.

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Pentagon Continues To Redo Computer-generated Uniforms That Look Increasingly Stupid

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 8.10.45 AM

Tanks, troops, jets: NATO countries launch full-scale war games in Baltic — RT News: Russia is also having war games because NATO wants a Cold War again.  Sadly.  And we will get what we demand.  The above picture is a bunch of troops on parade.  They look pathetic.  The obsession with camo pajamas has virtually destroyed military pride.  Who can be proud dressed in this ugly fashion?  This is the ‘look like a mud wall or pile of trash’ military philosophy which is why occupying countries is a failure.  Who respects someone who looks like garbage?  No one, of course.

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Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Heroin Overdose Exposes US-Invasion Afghanistan Drug Business

The weeping and wailing about an Oscar winner dying of drug abuse (and how common is that?  As common as snow in winter!) has brought the conversation over to the topic of ‘why is the US full of heroin addicts?’  Philip Seymour Hoffman’s heroin overdose exposes 100 per cent RISE in ‘epidemic’ across US over five years

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US Continues To Build Roads In Afghanistan As Taliban Blow Them All Up Even Faster

GOP budget graph showing wild GOP government overspending

Here is a GOP Congress graph showing The Obama 2013 Budget: A Summary And Analysis – Budget Background …If we look at the years the debt shot upwards, it usually is during wars.  But since Reagan took over, we have GOP wild spending while Democrats cut spending.  The disaster of the Bush II Bubble Years forced heavy Federal spending to dig the nation out of a very deep hole.  And one major aspect of this Grave Of US Dreams was dug by our military in our foolish invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Iraq is rapidly falling apart and al Qaeda, funded by our ‘allies’ the Israelis and Saudis, is resurgent and Afghanistan is rapidly falling back into the hands of the Taliban.


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Congress At War With Infinity Its Self And Entire World

wizards release the goddess of infinity

CAVE OF WEALTH AND DEATH —ALL ABOUT GNOMES | Culture of Life News (a must-read from my past articles)

Makinw And IMF Economist Want 6% Inflation | Culture of Life News

As our cartoon government limps towards bankruptcy, confusion about economic and political matters rise due  mainly to a refusal to understand how Empires implode when they go to perpetual wars.  The fantasy game in DC is running simultaneous with ever-expanding wars which rage onwards even as our own government collapses.  The fictional spreading of democracy excuse which was fake from day one back in 1800, is now exposed as a farce to the entire world.

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Taliban Laugh At US Might As We Go Bankrupt…And Computers Tell US We will Roast To Death In 25 Years (HAHAHA)

The plan of the insurrectionists who hate the US is to drive us all into Afghanistan and there go bankrupt.  This plot has been amazingly successful to the point, the Taliban mock US over government shutdown – The Express Tribune

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