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Kim Surrenders To Trump, Trade Wars Begin With Our Obnoxious ‘Allies’ And With China, Too

Trump triumphs with not one but two great victories: he forced North Korea to negotiate for peace!  This is a huge victory for him.  And he started a trade war with our allies and rivals like Germany and China!  So far, our ‘allies’ are threatening to destroy our economy which is normally viewed as an act of war.  I say, go right ahead and do that, fools.  The open contempt for US citizens and workers coming from ‘close allies’ is monstrous and evil and finally, exposed to the public.  Our allies hate us and want to exploit us for their own benefits while bankrupting America who is protecting them.

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Japan Announces 50% TARIFF On US Trade!

Japan likely to increase import tariffs on frozen U.S. beef to 50% – Japan Today…yes, there is no ‘free trade’ there is ONE WAY trade with nearly all our fake allies.  There is nary a peep in our fake mainstream news about this, too.  Japan is not an ‘ally’, Japan is a rapacious trade rival.  We have to punish Japan for this attack on free trade.  Will Trump stick to his guns?

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Abe Attacks Obama About Sex Slaves The Minute Obama Left Tokyo

For the last 50 years, our foreign policy has been run by hostile organizations that have zero interest in protecting American citizens in any way, shape or form.  We go to war on spurious charges on behalf of people who don’t care if these wars bankrupt our country, we have ‘free trade’ which was started in order to stop ‘inflation’ via moving industries here to other cheaper labor venues and then bringing back the goods via importation which has caused a tremendous, ongoing, destructive trade deficit.  Today, our main negotiators are all working for foreign powers so the ‘deals’ we get stink.  Meanwhile, trade negotiators for say, Japan, fight tenaciously for Japanese imperial interests.  And Abe lectures Obama the minute Obama left Japan about how Americans have no right to talk about Japanese war crimes!  And the US response is to ignore this obvious insult.

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Death Of US, UK Merchant Marines Means China Is Now #1 World Trade Power On High Seas

I have always been very concerned about the decline and fall of Great Empires and know this is intimately tied to trade.  The UK used to rule the world and look at today:  Poll says Labour still on course for 2015 victory – but UKIP is now Britain’s ‘favourite’ political party: this astonishing rise of a nativist movement is due to the flood of aliens via the new EU rules.  David Cameron has LOST a third of Conservative voters since the last election, shock poll reveals shows that the far right is peeling away from the middle right just like in the US.  The news this week that China is the world’s #1 trade power has slugged the sluggards who created the New World Order in the snout.  They still assure everyone that the UK and US are the world’s #1 banking power but this is due mainly to madly buying up the debts of these two world trade loser nations at a frantic pace to keep the banks solvent.

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