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Bilderberg Leaders Spread 1960’s Anti-Russia Propaganda In NATO Countries


Did Donald Trump have a secret server communicating with Moscow? Scientist uncovers ‘sustained relationship’ between servers at Trump Organization and Russian bank opens a can of worms via rumors that aren’t vetted in any way but who cares anymore?  The key here is, our election system is totally infested with foreign money from the get-go ever since Ronald Reagan sold us to the Japanese for $2 million dollars. I clearly remember that event because I howled about it and the news media claimed that the US was ‘smart’ and ‘strong’ so much so, the Japanese admired Reagan and cheerfully handed him money as a speech payment.  To this day, that was the most expensive speech, ever, though the Clintons try hard to surpass it.

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Italian Pitchfork Protestors Take Over Cities, Cops Drop Helmets And Shields Join Protests

Turin police remove helmets

Riot Police Remove Their Helmets in Solidarity With Italian Protesters – YouTube

The anti-austerity demonstrators in Italy have been joined by the police.  There were few protests during the Berlusconi era even though the crimes and corruption of that period were rampant.  It seems the Italians liked this situation.  The thing is, US media is generally not reporting much of any of this.  Fascist demonstrations are raging all over Europe.  The US is just fine with these demonstrations that want to have a kleptocracy replace the stern German ‘do your duty and pay your taxes’ regime.  Just as the US Tea Party wanted to keep the status quo including any social programs that serviced them (Alaska being the top state when it comes to government handouts), the EU rightwingers also want to have their socialist cake while eating capitalist baked goods.

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