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13 Year Old Cartrail ‘Tha King’ Robertson Murder Highlights Gangsta Wannabe Black Teen Problems

13 year old wannabe gangsta boy killed  Cartrail tha King Robertson

Brooklyn residents don’t appreciate Spike Lee’s rants on gentrification: Mr. Lee was allowed, due to being a Hollywood personality living in NYC, to perform a disgusting, very racist, obscene rant about fixing up neighborhoods that once declined into crime-riddled slums.  The two neighborhoods this upper East Side Manhattan Super Star criticized was two places I was very active in cleaning up and renovating.  That is, Park Slope and Fort Greene.  It wasn’t the house repairs that worked when I was operating there, it was my very proactive, arrest anyone street patrols we organized back in the 1970’s.  This was literal life and death.  My block, before the patrols began, had a monthly murder rate that was very high, three in one month the same month we decided, after blocking off the street with discarded couches, to change via being very, very active at night.  And it worked and this pissed off Sharpton and Lee no end and both attacked me, personally, for doing this because I was a white woman.

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Bully Superman Powers And Gun Control: 4 Year Old Kills Woman With Deputy’s Gun

Superman: the pictorial evolution of Superman has moved from a slightly more muscular than average man to a huge, bloated body builder brute.  As the US has sought more and more to control the world, the worship of bully boys has grown apace.  The gun control issue is part and parcel of the need to appear invincible and this is very easy to do with a gun.  Even a four year old child can murder with a gun as has happened the other day in Tennessee when a child used a deputy’s gun to kill a woman.
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Whidbey Island Homes Slide Into Sea, NYC Banksters Whine About Penthouse Views

The recent landslide in Washington State where a whole community of houses are now being rendered unlivable reminds us about risk and the desire to live dangerously. That is, no one has any insurance for a collapse of the landmass which their houses sit on with a spectacular view of the restless ocean.  There is more news about the super rich bankers we all bailed out, whining about their fines they had to pay for their rip off scams, while whining about the view from their multi million dollar penthouses.  We should dump them into the sea! Continue reading


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James Yeager, Gun Nut, Continues To Threaten Society Via You Tube


The US is becoming Afghanistan and Iraq.  That is, we become what we create for others.  For example, after dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan, the US first boasted about how we can then rule the world only to see it all fall apart rapidly and for the following 60 years, we worry about being blown away by nuclear bombs, ourselves.  The monster we fear is ourselves.  The gun control debate which got great impetus after Sandy Hook has taken some very violent turns, literally.  With copy-cat killers springing up, with gun fanatics losing their minds, with people screaming about the End of Times, the survivalists are showing their true nature which is something that grew directly out of the nuclear war business.  Namely, people are fearful because of the possibility we will be treated like the Japanese empire was ended.  Someone will nuke us. Continue reading


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