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Liberal Warmongering Against Russia And China Rises To Hysterical Fever Pitch As US Continues Cold Spring Weather

huffington post is biggest war monger media


The neocon President who sent the Kagan wife working with Pyatt to overthrow the elected government there is now giving deadlines about war.  That is, the citizens angry about the coup in Kiev must surrender to the coup or the US will muscle them into surrender exactly like how we did it in Egypt.  That is, kill everyone until they give up resisting a coup.  The Peace Prize President has fine tuned his warmongering.  He does what his handlers order and then gives up.  Right now, the US has redoubled assassin drones killing peasants in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen which is a very failed strategy since it only makes the peasants angrier.  But we keep on doing this because our boss in Jerusalem has ordered our President to do this and our corrupt AIPAC Congress votes to do this while cutting spending on social programs, science and protecting our borders at home.

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Russia Selling Off Or Removing US Holdings And Bonds: US/EU Boycott Already Boomerang Bang-up Mess

Fed Custody Holdings Record Decline Fuels Russia Speculation:  Someone big has decided to tip the global money market scales in a big, big way.  I am betting both Russia and China are doing this.  The US has told both that Ukraine and Japan are allowed unilateral declarations of war and the US will back both so…the huge sovereign wealth nations are now going to punish the US and EU.  It is easy: hit either Russia or China in any way with boycotts and seizures of wealth and death and destruction will rain down upon the world’s top sovereign DEBT nations.  That is, the US and UK.  Far from being strong, both are ridiculously weak.  And the people will learn the hard way, hot talk from hot shot idiots leading both debt nations will be punished severely.

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IAEA Gives Japan Permission To Dump Fukushima Toxic Nuclear Waste Into Pacific Ocean…FOREVER

Huffington Post joins War On Warm


Here is the Huffington Post headline, talking about Kerry and Obama’s War on Warm as the scariest thing on earth.  BUT, the IAEA backs controlled discharge of tainted water into sea from Fukushima plant ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion: yes, the US is allowing Japan to pollute the Pacific even more.  Kerry and Obama’s War On Warm…hey! I like that.  To continue, like  King Canute the Great ordering the sea to go back, our rulers will order the world temperature to drop even more than it already is dropping.

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Abe Demands Russian Islands—US State Department Silent Again

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 6.26.16 AM

Northern Territories Day ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion: Yes, right before going to the Olympics in Russia, Abe stages yet another unilateral demand for foreign territory.  Even as officials of his regime insult America repeatedly, in one case, denying Japan was the aggressor in WWII and calling the US ‘the enemy’, our own State Department run by the hopeless Kerry remains silent.  Letting Japan run amok is a dangerous thing and one place this is really bad is Fukushima which gets only worse and worse as time passes. Continue reading

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Abe Visits Yasukuni War Shrine Enraging China And South Korea

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 5.44.30 AM

US foreign policy is now in total shambles.  No shock to me since it is run on behalf of foreign rulers who are out to exploit the US to death.  Saudi Arabia, Israel and Japan are the top manipulators who have wrecked things pretty thoroughly.  This is due to rank corruption in our elections and Congress.  Requiring many billions of dollars for our ‘elections’ mainly to buy TV ad time and other communication propaganda materials, in turn, Congress works on behalf of aliens who basically hate us.  The Jews in Israel hold us all in contempt for religious reasons, ditto the Saudis and the Japanese elites hate us for winning WWII.  Propaganda in the media tries hard to convince us these three nations are our best allies and friends which is false.

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Japan Lawmaker Gives Fukushima Letter To Emperor Because LDP Abe Is Goofing Off

A desperate Lawmaker breaks taboo by handing letter about nuclear fears to emperor infuriating the ruling elites who use this guy as their personal puppet.  The Emperor could denounce the militarization of Japan and the impending war with China!  He could also talk about Fukushima and shame the elites into doing something sane.  Instead, he does all the crummy little, goofy ceremonies while running back to his palace to hide under his futon.  The lawmaker who dared to do this was forced to apologize to the gang that is running Japan into the ground, fast.


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Huge Typhoon Heads Towards Fukushima, Dr. Simper Says Mess Is ‘Average–A New Normal’

Typhoon to Fukushima

Strongest typhoon in 10 years heading for Fukushima while the Atlantic hurricane season never even existed much this year with two very weak category 1 storms.  In September, a previous Typhoon and earthquake struck Fukushima.  Each event weakens the site further.  Several years too late, the IAEA team finally drags their useless asses into Japan to check Fukushima cleanup.  All the howling about Iran and it takes years to enter Japan to see a nuclear mess. Continue reading


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