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India Votes Overwhelming For Right Wing BJP Due To Voters Hating IMF Rules

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As it happens in all depressions: nationalist socialist parties surge while liberalism dies.  In the US, liberals are busy amputating themselves by pushing ‘global warming’ (sic) which applies virtually only to California and Florida while other states freeze.  In India, the BJP party won hugely in this election due to the Congress party trying to do the IMF two step, that is, cutting taxes and cutting social services while driving down inflation to ZIRP levels.


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White House Warns Of Global Warming While Global Cooling Wins Weather War North AND South Hemispheres


more snow from pacific heat from gulf of mexico May 2014

All the mainstream media owners are yapping about how hot it is even though it isn’t hot in much of the US, just the vacation spots and LA and of course, Florida.  Knowing but not admitting that much of the nation is seeing one of the colder springs ever and ignoring raging blizzards in the Southern Hemisphere AND the Northern Hemisphere, the global warmists are marching onwards with Obama leading the lemmings off the cliff with today’s report that…we are all going to roast to death.  Honest.

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Virtually No Headline News About Nearly 200 Dead Americans From Landslide In Washington

I am so disgusted with our mainstream and not so mainstream media not reporting the huge death toll in the Washington State landslide, I went around the web, now it is two days later, looking for stories about it on the front pages and finding virtually nothing even though everyone now knows there were about 200 deaths.


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Mubarak Moved Home While Morsi Kept In Prison–Both ‘Killed’ Demonstrators

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2011:Does Time magazine think Americans can’t handle scenes of another Egyptian revolution? – Yahoo! News

The final insult to the Egyptian revolt:  Hosni Mubarak Release: Court Orders Former Egyptian President To Be Freed by Mubarak judge, is now going to be under house arrest.  The military still holds Morsi in secret prison and is accusing him of killing demonstrators while the military butchered thousands during their coup.  The coup is nearly complete with the Old Regime firmly back in power.

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Now Climate Change Will Cause Violence! The Problem Is, Colder Climate Leads To Wholesale Civilization Collapse

1976 Ice age science news


A copy of a 1977 Science Magazine story about how we can save ourselves from the impending Ice Age.

The fight over climate issues continues with everyone yelling at each other while Mother Nature sails onwards effortlessly, doing what She does all the time that is, changing things constantly, either a lot or a little depending on many forces both cosmic as well as earthly.  We had a three week summer this year.  During July, we had this heat wave which vanished before the month was over and now resume the June cold weather with rain, lightning, very cold at night, barely making 70 degrees during the cloudy days and maybe 80 for a few hours on the sunny days.  Not normal at all.  Why, this is change!  Cold change.


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