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May Backs Down, Tommy Robinson Not Sent To Prison Again

Tommy Robinson: British government backs down on putting him in prison for covering news about Muslim rapists.  Tommy just won a huge victory over the Real Rulers of Britain.  They hoped to shove him back into prison after a hearing with zero lawyers so Tommy went forth to visit…soldiers…who were attacked and punished by May’s government and that proved extremely unpopular so now the government is backing down lest there be open revolt in the military.

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Judge Rebukes Mueller In Manafort Case/ Tommy Robinson Talks About Torture

Judge questions Mueller’s authority in Paul Manafort case – YouTube calls it ‘a witch hunt.’


Yes, like all witch hunts, the real cases are about a woman with too many cats.  In Manafort’s case, too many coats.  The Special Prosecutor’s job is not working at all, it is a farce.  It reminds me of how the case against the Clintons which started out as an examination of their real estate games turned into Monica’s blow job.  No, you don’t go after Presidents like that back then nor now.  This naked political game is going to blow up in the faces of the DNC and RINOs in Congress.

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Tommy Robinson Talks To Tucker Carlson About Prison Torture

Tucker Carlson EXCLUSIVE Interview With Tommy Robinson: In Prison I Was STARVED, Lost 40 Pounds! – YouTube


Tommy Robinson’s treatment at ‘trial’ and then moved to a very hostile, mostly Muslim prison where he was doused with urine and feces every day by Muslims, they put his cell next to the MOSQUE in the prison!  All things were done to make him suffer to the maximum torture and…this is a human rights violation of the first order!  Prime Minister May and her gang of Bilderberg monsters did this crime and should be arrested and charged with human rights violations.

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Bilderberg Gang At War With All Citizens Of G7 Countries

Scouting For Bilderberg 2018 In Turin, Italy – YouTube


Here is the only global paper to publish a story about the super-secret Bilderberg meeting in Turin, Italy this last week: Vatican to attend secretive meeting of global elite for first time | Daily Mail Online reported.  It was very brave of the Daily Mail to run this story.  It was never the top story, it was a back page story but this is ten times better than all the top global newspapers which had absolutely zero news about this important meeting.  That old toad Kissinger, was there as per always.  He is ancient now.  Top EU bankers like the Rothshields who are founding members, were there, too. And of great importance, the evil crew running Google were there.  The top topic was…how to control information on the internet so citizens can’t get information!  Also in the news, the new Muslim boss in charge of the prisons in England is the monster who moved Tommy Robinson into a Muslim prison run by the prisoners who immediately began issuing death threats to him.

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Tories Put Tommy Robinson Into 70% Muslim Prison To Kill Him

Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) | Twitter


I have a lot of personal experience with violent prisons and taking people out of prisons or putting them into prisons.  Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner taken in by the Bilderberg gang who want him to die.  They had a fake ‘trial’ with no lawyers and then tried to prevent any news of his arrest to be reported and then, when forced to tell the truth, suddenly moved him into a mainly Muslim prison wing where he will be probably killed.

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Huge Free Tommy Robinson Demonstrations In London Today!

Note how You Tube has a warning we are watching RUSSIAN news, not Bilderberg blathering!  HAHAHA.

Live: Far-right march for Tommy Robinson’s release, counter protests expected – YouTube:

The demonstrations to free Tommy Robinson are rising in intensity, numbers and locations, it is now global.  And the epicenter is in London, England, in front of the Prime Minister’s offices and Parliament.  So far, May has said nothing about this miscarriage of justice and she hasn’t addressed the issue of the crushing of free speech in England.


All of Europe is being ruled by vile people who hate free speech and one by one, various countries have elections and pro-free speech/anti-alien invasion politicians are winning, easily.  The EU is breaking apart and is pretty much doomed.


England still has’t escaped the EU despite voters wishing for this but the EU isn’t going to exist much longer since it is incompetent and dangerous to life and limb.


At the Tommy Robinson demonstration in London today, a politician from Brussels spoke about all this.  This is an open revolt.  The passive acceptance of the replacement of European people with illegal aliens is over.  People can see clearly, they are being openly attacked by the Bilderberg gang which wishes to enslave the populations of Europe and especially, the USA.


The naked attempt at utterly hiding the arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson and forbidding the media from reporting this news, has collapsed in England.  The mainstream Bilderberg-run news is running anti-Tommy stories now hoping to defame him and excuse this crime against freedom and democracy.


But at least it is no longer a Soviet-style State Secret.  I am amazed how leftists didn’t protest these draconian laws…HAHAHA…they love these laws and fully intend to impose cenorship and silence the news if they have total power and can run a totalitarian police state, the only way leftists can rule, it appears.


It is very interesting, watching a full revolt unfold.  I recognize the signs, I was deeply involved in the 1960’s anti-war/civil rights events.  Everything is coming full circle now.  The left went way too far and now the right is rising, yin and yang is at work here.  Google:

Right under the news about the Free Tommy demonstrations, is this trash:

The ‘top stories’ are attacks on Tommy.  No surprise, the left hates and fears him even more than they hate Trump.



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Comedian Roseanne Barr Show Cancelled Due To Silly Joke That Pissed Off Bilderberg Gang

‘Roseanne’ canceled after ‘repugnant’ tweet – YouTube

Roseanne Barr’s Agency Drops Her as a Client After ABC Cancels Television Show

We are in yet another convulsion of freakouts because of silly jokes.  It appears to me that anyone to the right of Senator Schumer of New York City can be the butt of very nasty, even murderous ‘jokes’ on stage and in twitter and other formats but lord help any one else who jokes about the Obama gang and Hillary and Muslims and ANTIFA!  Then the Hollywood rapist gangstas go nuts screaming about how hideous this and and the joker is fired and dumped.  Silly geese.

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