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Klayman Wins NSA Spy Suit So CNN Attacks Him Viciously As US Media Owners Plot More Attacks On Our Freedoms

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Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat: Gallup Poll results this week show that fear and loathing of DC is accelerating after a brief drop due to 9/11.


The US media is in full attack mode trying desperately to convince Americans that spying on everyone will make us all safer and sending this information straight to Israel is a good thing…oops, no, they are busy hiding that vital story!  Anyways, the stunning victory of the ever-feisty  Larry Klayman over Obama in a lower court hearing about the NSA Constitutional violations has sent the domineering internationalist capitalists all in a screaming tizzy.  By the way, Mr. Klayman is Jewish and like myself, has bristled often over the issue of US sovereign rights of citizens.

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CNN Fake Liberal, Toobin, Attacks Greenwald and Miranda: The Zionist Media Machine Continues Terrifying Reporters And Online Legal Sites

Yet another fake liberal who is a secret Bilderberg/AIPAC creature, attacks Greenwald using his CNN perch as a platform to make vile threats towards Miranda as well as Greenwald.  Most of our media giants do not reflect popular opinion about spying, they are ALL FOR IT and want to have rival reporters censored, arrested or even murdered if they reveal information that shows how our government is anti-Constitutional and is being used as a war machine by Zionists.

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