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Nationalism Rises As Economic Disparity Grows: Labour Party To Be Decimated By Scottish Nationalist Party

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As I predicted, the promises from both Labour and Tory parties in the run up to the Scottish referendum are now being ignored and this has an instant backlash in Scotland.  Far from Europe drawing together, all over the place we see a massive rise in both ‘nationalism’ and ‘regionalism’.  Everyone wants to split off from previous national borders and keep out outsiders while at the same time want no borders for neighbors and EU unity for their own interests.  And of course the Real Rulers continue to howl about Ukraine, demanding it stay ‘intact’ while at the same time, lose all sovereignty to Brussels.  Putin’s popularity continues to soar while the EU slides into further recession thanks to the boycott of Russia.

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The Rise Of UKIP Unsettles Labour, Tories And Liberal Democrats In England Elections

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The mainstream press outside of say, the Daily Mail which features lots and lots of snoggy females in their sidebar pictures, has made fun of UKIP and their goal of stopping the European Union and above all, stopping the flood of foreign labor pouring into Britain.  But the voters liked this message, big time.  So far in this spring’s council elections, UKIP has become a major third party, displacing the bedraggled remains of the Liberal Democrat party:  Nigel Farage taunts Cameron, Clegg and Miliband after Ukip takes council seats | Mail Online

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