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British Military Forbidden To Recruit PATRIOTS!


The Bilderberg gang’s biggest founding families live in England and control that place, working tirelessly to destroy the working class ‘peasants’ who they fear and hate.  So now, it has been leaked that the top brass in the military are preventing anyone patriotic to join.  Only those who hate the native Brits (ie: foreigners) can join the military.

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Very Late In Season, Some Tornadoes Hit Midwest

Screen shot 2015-05-08 at 1.43.48 PM

MORE tornadoes and thunderstorms headed for Great Plains after extreme weather drowns Oklahoma woman in her storm shelter and flood Nebraska


But at the news story site for Oklahoma is this story:  One Drop at a Time: Current drought worse than the Dust Bowl – KSWO, Lawton, OK- .  Even NOAA doesn’t have Oklahoma listed as ‘drought.’  Here is the March drought map, there isn’t one more recent.  The drought in Northern California and Nevada, etc. has seen lots of storms and particularly, snow, even TODAY and for tomorrow.

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Nation Freezes Much Of Last Year: NOAA Announces This is HOTTEST Year EVER

looks a lot like Xmas November 2014

I knew it!  I knew it!  NOAA: 2014 is shaping up as hottest year on record: utterly insane!  If this is the hottest year ever, ever, then I am insane.  But I am not insane.  NOAA which has a terrible record for predicting even one month’s worth of weather, is insane.  And liars.  They have monkeyed with the temperature data for several years now, cooling down the past and making the present warmer.  This is now officially insane.

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Huge Cold Weather Storms From Pacific Ocean Create Tornadoes When It Hits Gulf of Mexico States

It is a late spring so only now, right before May, we are finally seeing tornadoes.  May is the peak month for tornadoes due to warm air clashing with cold air.  Like the cherry blossoms, tornadoes are coming a bit later than normal due to the cold weather dominating.

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Ice Breakers Can’t Free Global Warming Fanatic Ship From Antarctic Summer Ice

another wave December bitter cold


As December comes to a close, yet another sub-zero front will blow through the Northeast US.  Yes, we had some quite warm days which melted the ice and snow which is wonderful for me because my snow plow vehicle broke down badly and my road was deep in snow, now it is clear and the vehicle has been fixed.  A boat full of global warming enthusiasts went to Antarctica and got stuck in the ice and it is hard rescuing them because of all this thick ice…ironic, isn’t it?

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Will The GOP Fund FEMA? Disasters Hammer Right Wing Lunatic States

Another day and another tornado/flood/hail disaster in the Red States that voted against Hurricane Sandy aid and who want to cut FEMA money or force cuts in all other systems to pay for Red State disasters.  This bizarre world of the right wing ‘We hate the Feds except when we want Fed money’ gang is out in full force demanding we all fund their disasters for them while they withhold disaster aid to liberal states that give the majority of funds to FEMA in the first place.

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Elementary Schools In Oklahoma Destroyed: NO Storm or Bomb Shelters For Children!

Rescue workers find few children at school wrecked by tornado in OK Continue reading


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