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Zionist NYT Editorial: Dangerous Divisions In Arab World

The Bilderberg/AIPAC NYT is in hysterics this week. ¬†Even as ethnic cleansing in Israel accelerates and as the remaining natives of the Holy Land are driven violently into smaller and smaller ghettoes, as the US arms insurrectionists all over the place except where the governments are vicious kleptocratic operations working hand in glove with EU/US energy corporations…we have this bizarre and hilarious editorial decrying religious repression and ethnic warfare in the Middle East! ¬†Dangerous Divisions in the Arab World – NYTimes.com


The incident illustrates a pernicious sectarianism that was largely repressed by pre-Arab Spring dictators but that now threatens Egypt and much of the Arab world. If left unchecked by newly elected leaders who either exploit simmering historical animosities or refuse to address them constructively, divisions will worsen between Sunnis and Shiites or between Muslims and other minorities, like Christians, ensuring prolonged regional turmoil.

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