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Democrats Wake Up And Stop Obama/Clinton/Bush/Bilderberg TPP Free Trade Secret Deal

All good news here.  The Republican Party, like the Democratic Party, talks all the time about the middle class, good jobs, etc.  And then stabs workers in the back. Tax cuts were dangled as fixes of financial problems caused by inflation and war/social services taxes.  People voted heartily for this when they voted for Reagan who began these nasty trade deals and he also killed unions.  Well, the Democrats imitated the Republicans in this regard and anyone like Dean or Ross Perot who had a shot at the White House only to be destroyed by the Bilderberg media, ended  up dead in the water so we had only Skull and Bones versus Skull and Bones elections of Hope and Change morphing into endless wars and more free trade deals killing unions and driving out good jobs.

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Abe Attacks Obama About Sex Slaves The Minute Obama Left Tokyo

For the last 50 years, our foreign policy has been run by hostile organizations that have zero interest in protecting American citizens in any way, shape or form.  We go to war on spurious charges on behalf of people who don’t care if these wars bankrupt our country, we have ‘free trade’ which was started in order to stop ‘inflation’ via moving industries here to other cheaper labor venues and then bringing back the goods via importation which has caused a tremendous, ongoing, destructive trade deficit.  Today, our main negotiators are all working for foreign powers so the ‘deals’ we get stink.  Meanwhile, trade negotiators for say, Japan, fight tenaciously for Japanese imperial interests.  And Abe lectures Obama the minute Obama left Japan about how Americans have no right to talk about Japanese war crimes!  And the US response is to ignore this obvious insult.

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Abe Boasts Openly About Duping The Americans In Trade And Warmongering

EVERY President beginning with Reagan in particular, gets Japanese money when they retire and now, even before that, when they are running for President.  Like AIPAC, Japanese money warps our government so it works for them, not us.  This is why all our trade with Japan is nearly totally one way and ditto, Israel which also runs a big trade surplus with the US while both nations demand we back every imperial move possible and provoke deliberate wars with neighbors expecting us to fight their battles.

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Wikileaks TPP Secret Trade Deal Reveals One Aspect Of Bilderberg Plots To Annihilate All Economic Power Of Labor Class

Wikileaks TPP treaty secrets



Thanks to Wikileaks and their leader in exile, Julian Assange, we now have the actual secret text of the most recent free trade negotiations.  In general, free trade has meant for all first world nation labor the complete destruction of the unions, loss of wage power, longer, often insanely longer working hours and higher debt.  For the consumer, the carrot of this stick is cheaper goods for a while during the transition time when wages are still high and jobs exist.  But over time, it means the annihilation of the entire middle working class dropping them all back into the Victorian era of starvation wages and no work protections. Continue reading


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