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Abe Boasts Openly About Duping The Americans In Trade And Warmongering

EVERY President beginning with Reagan in particular, gets Japanese money when they retire and now, even before that, when they are running for President.  Like AIPAC, Japanese money warps our government so it works for them, not us.  This is why all our trade with Japan is nearly totally one way and ditto, Israel which also runs a big trade surplus with the US while both nations demand we back every imperial move possible and provoke deliberate wars with neighbors expecting us to fight their battles.

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Time To Look At Japan Trade Statistics: Japan Is In Same Trap We Are In

Japan trade deficit is both manufacturing and energy imports

Japan’s trade statistics are terrible, Japan is now wallowing in red in both government spending and trade just like the US.  The above graph’s red parts are energy trade deficits while the blue represents Japan’s imports from industrial nations, mostly China and the EU.  Japan cannot run on red ink forever and Fukushima is a huge budget hole that is destroying a large sector of Japan and menaces the entire population with future cancer rates going very high.  Japan’s economic problems perfectly mirror the US only with the added population decline problem making problems in the future.

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China Rises Past US Due To Trade Surplus/Growth: English Queen Goes Broke, Dying Empire In Debt

Once upon a time, the German House of Hanover ruled the Seven Seas via ownership of the British Isles.  The British had the biggest navy and the greatest manufacturing base.  By WWI, Britain was dethroned and Germany was destroyed so the US took up the mantle of World Shipping/Manufacturing Power.  WWII made the US even stronger.  We built ships and made goods at a mad rate.  Since then, it is been all downhill for the US with the Cold War leading the desperate US powers struggling to stay #1 via reviving Germany and Japan both of which became top world manufacturing and trade powers.

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