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Russia Hurt By Economic Warfare But US Is Being Utterly Destroyed By Our Trade Partner Allies

I am ceaselessly amazed at our media’s coverage of any news about or from Russia.  The Olympics was a Putin-bash for our media owners and the pro-Pussy Riot news was amazing considering that these women would be beaten to death or shot if they did here, what they do in Russia.  Naturally, the US media goes to Pussy Riot for economic information about Russia and loves to think that Russia is about to collapse.  Ukraine’s East Invasion Stalls, Troops Pull Back is a headline at Antiwar.com but not in US media, of course.  Here is a typical example:  Russia Economy Worsens Even Before Sanctions Hit – NYTimes.com

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Germany, Russia And China Forming A New Gigantic Economic Alliance In The East

Just as the EU is now being shoved into boycotting Russia which supplies over one third of the energy Europe needs to be an industrialized super power, Japan has been encouraged to start a tit for tat verbal spat over some  uninhabitable islands which Japan unilaterally claims with the US stupidly backing this up.  And so the consequences are increasingly clear and Europe better pay close attention: Japan’s economy is collapsing again!  And this is due 100% to the diplomacy being pursued by the ‘pivot on Asia’ scheme cooked up by the Pentagon, the Bilderberg gang and a bunch of children of Japanese war criminals wanting to win WWII retroactively.

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This is an old advertisement for selling lottery tickets in England 200 years ago, just before lotteries were outlawed. Continue reading


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