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Zimmerman Saves Driver In Fiery Crash

And he put out the fire with his extinguisher!  This news has hit the professional left very hard. I went to Salon and Huffington Post to read the comments of people who pride themselves on being ‘rational, truthful and love humanity’ to read their snarls, screams of pain and criticisms of Mr. Zimmerman.  It was all very sad for me because I am a ‘liberal’ but also very ‘conservative’ in many ways. Continue reading


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Trayvon Black Teen Wildings Increase In Major Cities

I AM TRAYVON MARTIN – Black Mobs Attack Tourists in Chicago – YouTube: in this video, news people talk about all the Trayvon assailants who use that death as an excuse to get particularly violent in a crime wave.  At one point, the reporters tell us all to keep our eyes open for ‘danger’, aka, gangs of black teens.  But dare not say that openly.  The pride and anger of blacks due to feeling hurt over the Florida event has caused them to excuse even more murderous criminal behavior.  Aka: the news media’s coverage has encouraged an attitude of criminality where it should be suppressed, not encouraged.

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Blood On Media’s Hands: Media Barely Mentions People Being Attacked By Trayvon Gangs

As I feared, fueled by hysteria and hate speech on TV where everyone jumped on the bandwagon to attack Zimmerman while deliberately hiding a nearly identical case where a black man got the same not guilty verdict for a same killing of a white boy, we see innocent people being brutally attacked by raging gangs of vicious blacks out for revenge.  This is all the fault of the top of society gleefully egging these wild, arrogant youth into action:  Zimmerman verdict protests turn violent in south Los Angeles:

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High On Purple Trank, Cheap Codeine/Arizona Watermelon Tea & Skittles Leads To Psychos

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The NYT picture of demonstrators in LA says it all: slowly and painfully, many blacks are all becoming like Trayvon.  Alas, this actually refers to the use of gangsta talk and morals, illegal drug consumption and lawbreaking.  The latest delusional storyline is, blacks are scared of whites which is patently false.  The opposite is true.  Many whites are terrified of blacks due to the raging lawlessness that has overwhelmed black communities to the point, people are scared to even drive through them and this has been true for years.

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